A New Associate!

Greetings from Mundelein, Illinois! I am here (at the time of this writing) at Mundelein Seminary for the week.  Archbishop Vigneron asked me, a couple of years ago, if I would study to be a spiritual director.  He has sent myself, and two other priests from the archdiocese, to study to be spiritual directors for priests.  It is a three-year course (three separate weeks every year) and this week begins my third year.  There are 90 priests present from around the country and it has been a real blessing to study and, as another priest said in a group setting, the experience has been “like being ordained again!”  Cardinal George Mundelein had this seminary built and the city was renamed (formerly known as Area) after the Cardinal who, then, purchased a fire truck, “Old #1”, in 1925 for the village, which the city proudly had restored.  …FYI!

Before I left for Mundelein, I received a call that the archdiocese has assigned Fr. Greg Piatt as associate pastor for St. Anastasia, beginning July 1, 2016. We will, again, have two associate pastors at our parish….  //  LEARN MORE

What’s Your Story?

The morning after my husband and I decided that we had to lay down absolutely everything we are, know, and love to move to a new place, I went to St. Joseph Lake Orion and allowed The 3:15 Project to videotape me declaring that I would, indeed, go to hell if Jesus needed me to. (You can see that video and other stories at The 3:15 Project website.) Well, it’s been quite a harrowing experience, this particular hell.  But here’s a snapshot from the midst of it that may speak to us:…  //  LEARN MORE

Mercy in the Everyday

There’s a certain Old Testament story proclaimed at daily Mass ‘round this time of year that hits me like a ton of grace whenever I choose to really hear it. It’s the story of Namaan, found in chapter 5 of the second book of Kings.  (Go ahead and read it again; I’ll wait…)…  //  LEARN MORE

Starting at Zero

I haven’t written anything bloggy lately because I haven’t had anything to write.  “Write about that!” God nudges me, so here we are.  At zero.

acdbde5e87922b281ae09e218da1dd2aIt’s a difficult, scary, beautiful place to be.  I deeply know this because I can look back at another February spent wrestling with heart-shattering agony. With silence.  With Nothing.  That year, a first-grade boy from our community died suddenly.  Overcome with grief, I spent many subsequent hours sitting in the corner of my den in a large, overstuffed chair – a chair equipped with a poofy pillow, a flannel quilt, a nearby window, and even a twin companion chair.  As I sat there that winter, sometimes I cried.  Sometimes I stared at the wall.  Sometimes I drank tea, or read a book, or called the beloved boy’s mother.  Sometimes I fell asleep.  Sometimes I talked to a pal sitting in the other chair.  All the times, I prayed.  And I learned….  //  LEARN MORE

Rejoicing in Christmas

I hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas season! While many think that Christmas was over on December 25, and some have even put their trees out to the curb, the Church continues the Christmas season until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (this year: January 10, 2016).  So, even though the stores may be taking down all of the Christmas decorations…Merry Christmas.

Speaking of January 10, that will be the last day that Fr. Anthony will be with us at St. Anastasia as our Associate Pastor.  As many of you know, Fr. Anthony has been assigned to be the administrator of the clustered parishes of St. Charles in Newport and St. Mary in Monroe.  For those assigned to be considered “pastor” for the first time, they are first assigned as “administrator” for one year; then, the administrator will become “pastor”.  This is, now, common practice in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  It is not some sort of prescribed caution on Fr. Anthony, just a matter of policy.

Next weekend, Sunday, January 3, there will be a “Best Wishes Celebration” for Fr. Anthony after the 10:15 AM Mass.  Fr. Anthony will celebrate the 10:15 Mass.  Please join me in praying for Fr. Anthony in his new assignment and wishing him well!

Thank you, Fr. Anthony, for your time with us and for the love and ministry of Jesus that you brought to St. Anastasia!

Fr. Steve