Creative / Specific Talents
Church Decorating
Holly Michelcavage (248) 689-8380 Ext. 109

Committee member – assist with planning the church decorations for the liturgical seasons.
Maintain plants and flowers in the church – monitor and water plants and flowers inside the church.

Contact Holly Michelcavage

Bake/Bring for Hospitality
Florence Parent (248) 689-8380 Ext. 100

Do you have a favorite cookie, brownie or dessert recipe you like to bake? Would you be willing to bake or bring something for a catechist meeting, Sacrament receptions, or other special parish gatherings? We will email (call) when the need arises, approximately 6 times a year – based on your availability.

Contact Florence Parent

Meals for B.A.S.I.C. (Youth Group)

Cook at B.A.S.I.C. Youth night 2-3 times per year.  Recruit a team (or help fill a team), plan meal, shop for the food, prepare the meal, and serve the teens (approximately 40 people). Time commitment  2 hours on Sunday.  

Contact John Boutin

Meals 4 Moms

We are starting a new ministry! Meals 4 Moms will provide support to our moms (and dads) welcoming new babies. We hope to provide each family 5 meals over a few weeks’ time. Chefs will be contacted each time a new meal train is set up. You can sign up to provide a meal as often as you are able. You can also remove yourself from the list at any time.

Contact Coordinator

R.C.I.A. Food Donations
Lynn Duffy

There is a great need for food donations for the R.C.I.A. programs. We want to welcome our new members into the Church in a warm atmosphere filled with mentoring and sharing a light meal. We meet
weekly and would appreciate occasional or weekly food donations.

Contact Lynn Duffy

South Oakland Shelter (SOS) Meal Prep & Serve

We assist a local church that will host the South Oakland Shelter program for one week in the winter of 2022. Assistance is needed preparing/serving meals for 30 guests as a group for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend; donations of specific food items are welcome; menu is provided.

Contact Kim Houseman

Decorating - Parish Events
Brenda Kozlowski (248) 689-8380 Ext. 103

We are always looking for creative people to share their talents and help decorate for many of the events we have here at St. Anastasia! We need volunteers who are willing to help and volunteers who are
willing to take the lead. Days and times vary. You may help as your schedule allows.

Contact Brenda Kozlowski

Decorating - Vacation Bible School
Elizabeth Spencer (248) 689-8380 Ext. 106

We are in need of someone who can lead our decorating team in transforming the Davidson Center to match our theme for the year. More information will come out in late April / early May, but please sign up now if you are interested in helping and/or would like more information.

Contact Elizabeth Spencer

Carpentry Assistance

Occasionally construct items to be used in church decorating.

Contact DJ Pinneo

Garden Angels (outside)
Carol Corbin (248) 689-0333

We need volunteers to help clean the flower beds in both the fall and spring, plant flowers in late May/early June, maintain the flower beds throughout the summer, and water the containers. This can be
done on your own time schedule in an assigned area. The time commitment can be tailored to few hours once a year, monthly or weekly.

Contact Carol Corbin

Garden of Giving (outside)

Help feed the poor by planting and harvesting produce grown at home or on church property. In the summer, we need weeders, planters, & drivers to local shelters to deliver veggies (May-Sept.). This takes approximately one hour a week during the summer.

Contact Kim Houseman

Handy Helpers
Maintenance Team (248) 689-8380 Ext. 119

Are you always impressing people with your DIY home improvements? Our church home is in constant need of maintenance, repair, re-arrangement, and cleaning. This includes plumbing, electricity, painting, washing windows, and more. You can participate at your own skill level and on your own schedule.

Contact Maintenance Team

Prayer Shawls

This ministry creates knitted or crocheted scarves, hats or shawls to comfort others. They meet once a month for fellowship and prayer at Faith@Work on the first Wednesdays of month during school year from 10 AM - 12 PM or 7-8 PM.  Contact Kim for dates.

Contact Kim Houseman

Sewing Assistant
Holly Michelcavage (248) 689-8380 Ext. 109

Occasionally sew various materials to be used in church decorating.

Contact Holly Michelcavage

Sew Baptismal Garments
Holly Michelcavage (248) 689-8380 Ext. 109

Sew the white garment for infant baptism from a simple pattern. Materials provided.

Contact Holly Michelcavage

Bereavement Letter Writer

You will be asked to send letters of encouragement and prayer to families who have lost a loved one for a period of one year. Notes are sent quarterly. You will be on a rotation list and would most likely receive about 4—5 addresses a year. High school age and above welcome!

Contact Kim Houseman

Photography - Parish Events
Brenda Kozlowski (248) 689-8380 Ext. 103

We have an active parish! Do you have a knack for capturing the best moments? We are looking for people who are willing to capture the best moments at whatever event or activity they are attending and submit the photos.

Contact Brenda Kozlowski

Photography - Sacrament Masses
Elizabeth Spencer (248) 689-8380 Ext. 106

Several experienced adult photographers are needed as volunteers to capture group shots and individual portraits at our Confirmation and First Eucharist Masses in early May, and the Easter Vigil (4/16/22).

Contact Elizabeth Spencer

Technology - Ministry of Media
Brenda Kozlowski (248) 689-8380 Ext. 103

We are looking for people with one or more of the following skills: shooting occasional videos or pictures with a camera or cell phone; editing videos; using social media to help promote our events. Must be organized, trustworthy, and able to take direction. This is a great ministry to be involved with if you need flexibility in scheduling your time.

Contact Brenda Kozlowski

Technology - Livestreaming Masses
Holly Michelcavage (248) 689-8380 Ext. 109

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the Saturday 4:00 PM Mass.

The cameras to livestream Mass are already fixed on the wall. There is a desk set up in the choir room that has the coordinating equipment needed to operate the cameras (computer, monitors to see what's on the camera, joy stick to operate movement). It's pretty simple if you're comfortable with a computer - we train and there are notes for assistance.

You will still be able to participate in most of the Mass - and most importantly - receive Jesus in the Eucharist!

Turn off camera after Mass has ended.

Contact Holly Michelcavage

Technology - Operating PowerPoint during Mass
Holly Michelcavage (248) 689-8380 Ext. 109

Are you a little tech-savvy and familiar with PowerPoint? This may be the perfect ministry for you! Simply arrive at the Mass you usually attend 15-20 minutes early and change slides as needed during Mass. Training provided. Flexible schedule.

Contact Holly Michelcavage