Intercessory Prayer

We are all called to spend time in prayer… join one of our prayer ministries.

Scheduled Adorer
Dominic Bologna 586-731-8192

Our Lord is exposed outside the chapel window Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm unless there is a Funeral Mass. In the event of a funeral, Adoration will begin at 11:30 am to allow for the funeral procession. Two adorers must be present in the parking lot outside of the chapel during Eucharistic Adoration. Will you commit to spending an hour of your time each week?

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Hourly Coordinators
Dominic Bologna 586-731-8192

Are needed to sign up adorers, make reminder calls and find substitutes when necessary. The time commitment is approximately 30 minutes per month.

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Intercessory Prayer Group
Steve and Lynn Duffy

"I have set watchmen; all the day and all the night they shall never be silent" Is. 62:6
To intercede is to bear the burden of another. Our prayer team prays specifically for St. Anastasia, asking the Holy Spirit for his guidance and inspiration for our priests, deacon, staff, parishioners and ministries at our parish. Our group was called forth by Archbishop Vigneron in his letter to the Church of Detroit entitled "Unleash the Gospel". We endeavor to stay informed of the evangelistic efforts of our parish and pray specifically for our Lord's anointing and success of the initiatives undertaken at St Anastasia. We gather every other Tuesday by the tabernacle in church and pray from 7-8 pm. If you feel called as an Intercessor to pray for the specific needs of our parish community please contact Steve Duffy.

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