Welcome to our Young Families Group!

We are a group that exists to provide community and fellowship to everyone who is actively engaged in raising their family in the Faith. We would love to have you join us!

We are excited to be offering fellowship and ministry opportunities once again. There is a link to our most recent newsletter with upcoming events and opportunities to connect here.

We remain committed to serving you and your families, and will continue to assess the safety of all involved as we make plans to re-open and start our meetings again. Please be assured of communication via email, as well as posts upon our social media page and updates to this website as we begin resuming activities.  Please also continue to monitor the social media sites for opportunities that may be of interest for you, as parents growing in faith, and of interest for your children.

To be included in our Young Family Newsletters, please sign up here.
Other opportunities specifically for Young Adults (18-35) are available on our website.

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