Welcome to our Young Families Group!

Hello and Welcome!

Saints aren’t made in a vacuum and St. Anastasia’s young families group exists to offer community and fellowship as you raise your kids for the kingdom. This group is for families who want to dive deeper into the life of the Church and build friendships in the process.

In order to best serve you and your families, know that we will continue to monitor CDC and AoD guidelines in planning events and will make every attempt to prioritize safety. Please be assured of our communication through email and updates to social media pages and the website.

If you want to reach out to learn more about what we offer, how to get involved or just to talk about Jesus, give Abby Avery a call at (248) 689-8380 ext. 120 or email.

You can see the most recent newsletter with upcoming events and opportunities to deepen your family’s faith here. To sign up to receive the Young Families Newsletter, you can subscribe here.

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Other opportunities specifically for Young Adults (18-35) are available on our website.

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