Tuition Info & Payment

New Tuition Schedule for 2020-21

  • Per Family Fee:………………………… $125 (if you are ONLY registering for CGS, you may omit this fee)
  • Additional Fees:
    • *For each child preparing for First Communion (Gr 2, Spanish Level 2) add $50
    • *For each child registering for CGS, add $15
    • *For each teen preparing for Confirmation (Gr 8, Gr 9), add $50

Paying Your Tuition: Online Payments are convenient and secure! Checks may be made out to St. Anastasia (with “RE Tuition” in the memo line) and mailed or delivered to the Religious Ed Office, 4571 John R, Troy MI 48085. (Please do not place your payments in the collection basket at Mass). Cash payments must be made in person. We do have the ability to process a credit card payment in the Parish Office.

Payment Policy—Payment in full is expected at the time of registration. Tuition assistance – or a payment plan – is available for any registered family who cannot afford to pay the fee upfront – though you Must contact the Religious Education Office to discuss your need. A refund may be requested if a student drops – $25 non-refundable through October, $75 non-refundable through December.

Waivers & Payment Plans:  If you are in need of a partial waiver or special payment plan, please communicate that with the Religious Education Office.

Questions? Contact the Religious Education Office