Procedures & FAQ

We are making some changes in the Library …. and will be updating this page in the near future.

Borrowing Privileges:

All registered St. Anastasia Catholic Church parishioners can use and check-out materials from the Parish Library.

Library Hours:

Monday through Thursday 9AM – 4PM and Friday 9AM – 3PM; Sundays after morning Masses until noon.

Steps to Check-out Material(s):

  1. Take the circulation card from the back of the material you want to check out.
  2. Using two lines of the circulation card, write your complete name and the current date to the 1st line of the card.
  3. Write your phone number on the 2nd line of the Circulation Card. (The staff will erase your phone number from the Library’s Circulation card when you return the item)
  4. Slide the Circulation Card into the clear box on the library table.
  5. Get a pre-stamped Due Date card from the table and put the card in the pocket at the back of each item you are borrowing. (Please take note of the LOAN PERIOD of all materials.)

Loan Period:

  • Books, audio tapes, CDs and audio books are on loan for three (3) weeks.
  • DVDs are on loan for one (1) week.

Check-in of Materials:

  • Simply place all the material(s) you are returning in the Book Return cabinet located at the end of the Children’s bookcase.

Renewal of Materials:


  1. Write your full name and the title(s) and call number(s) of the material(s) you are renewing on a sheet of paper.
  2. Place the sheet in the Suggestion Box located on top of Book Return cabinet.


  1. Send your request for renewal through email. Please include in your email, your full name and the title(s) and call number(s) of the material(s) you are renewing.

How to Use the Card Catalog:

The card catalog is located next to the door to the library workroom. The Card Catalog is available to aid library users in searching for any materials in the parish library collections, i. e. books, CDs, DVDs, audio, bibliographies and references. 

The drawers are organized and labeled accordingly:

  • Children/teen (for the Teen’s and Children’s collections). Cards are arranged alphabetically according to Title, Author or Subject cards.
  • Adult  (for the adult’s collection). Cards are arranged alphabetically according to Title, Author or Subject cards.

Note: Parish library users are not allowed to pull out any card(s) from the Card Catalog drawers. Should you need information from a card, paper and pencils are available for your use.

Parish library users are encouraged to observe the follow rules:

  • Please remain quiet.
  • If an item needs re-shelving, place it at the end of a shelf. A library aide is in-charge of putting all the materials back on the shelves.
  • Eat or drink elsewhere.
  • Please take extra care with all materials so they last a long time and can be enjoyed by other library patrons.
  • Our young visitors need adult supervision for the benefit of all.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the common questions parish library users ask. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact the Library Staff and they will help provide the information you need.

Q: What do I need to check out materials?

A: You must be Registered member of St. Anastasia Catholic Church. To register, please visit the parish office during regular office hours.

Q: How can I renew items I checked out?

A: You may renew your items in two ways. On-site, personally renew the items at the parish library or off-site, through email. (See above)

Q: Does the parish library have free WiFi?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does the parish library have a computer with Internet access that I can use?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does the parish library sell books?

A: No, but we do sponsor used book sales occasionally. Please click on the “What’s New” link for details.  Those looking to buy a specific Catholic book are encouraged to visit Faith@Work, on the NW corner of Wattles and John R.