Family Catechesis

Our format for Religious Education is a Family Catechesis Program for Grades 1-7.  We are committed to helping you, parents, share your faith with your children and live out your Domestic Church.  When we talk about the Domestic Church, we are referring to your family and to the reality that it is within the context of the family that we first learn who God is and how God loves us.  In the Family Catechesis Program, we will walk alongside you as you share the Catholic faith with your children. (Preschool and Kindergarten students have the option of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd or Children’s Liturgy).

We offer a two-part program that includes 1) 1 – 2x a month at-home family lessons (begins end of September) – along with 2) 1 – 2x a month in-person class for families, (once a month children will be divided into grade level groups for their lesson; once a month families stay together for their lessons). Families are encouraged to attend our many kid-friendly events throughout the year.

For the in-person lessons (2023-24), you will be asked to choose one of these (2) sessions:

Tuesdays (time to be determined) or Wednesdays 5 – 6:30PM.

In-person classes for SPANISH Religious Education: Saturdays 10 – 11:30AM. For preschool/kindergarten and students who have not yet prepared for or received First Holy Communion.

Here is a quick summary of our Family Catechesis program format:

The Family Catechesis program will have everything you (the parent) need to lead brief at-home faith-based discussion with your family (with activity and/or video components).

  • The at-home family lessons will be based on the Sunday Gospel readings. These lessons are comprised of the Gospel reading, a reflection (short reading with something to think about), a few discussion questions, and an activity and/or video link. You might glance at the lesson ahead of time – there may be something to prepare for the activity (like ingredients for a recipe – or picking up a couple simple supplies you may already have on hand). These lesson plans will be distributed at the in-person family classes. Or you may choose to access these lessons electronically. Accountability (attendance) for at home lessons will be via a quick on-line form or email.
  • This will not be a complicated lesson. The idea is to encourage family understanding of the Sunday Gospel readings and a closer connection to our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Mass each week. You choose when to go over the lesson for that week, with lessons “due” on the Tuesday or Wednesday (whichever you choose) after that Gospel is read at Mass. It is flexible and “simple” – yet profound – as it will allow for learning and growing together as a family. Thereby building your “domestic church” – which is within your household.
  • When we come together for the in-person lessons, children will attend grade-level instruction with their peers alternated with family lessons/activities beginning in the church.