1st Communion Prep

Family Catechesis PLUS First Communion Prep

This option is for children preparing for First Communion (which includes preparing for and celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation as well). These students participate in the Family Catechesis at-home lessons (2 per month), Family class nights (one per month), PLUS sacrament-specific lessons (once per month when we gather for class). In addition, there will be two parent/child retreats. The first will be for Reconciliation – generally end of November. This group will have an opportunity to celebrate their first Reconciliation soon after. The second is a First Communion retreat – which will take place for a couple hours on a Saturday, usually in March. This preparation usually happens in Grade 2 – with a one year Religious Education prerequisite. Children in grades higher than Grade 2 may register, as long as they fulfill the one-year prerequisite (depending on their grade level). Please contact the Religious Ed Office if you have questions, or are not sure your child is eligible to register for this class.

It is necessary that you turn in a copy of your child’s Baptism certificate with his/her registration form – EVEN if baptized at St. Anastasia (unless you have already done so).

If your child was baptized at St. Anastasia, and you are unable to find the Baptism certificate, please click here for details on how to obtain a new original.

Tuition Information