“Whatever you did to one of the least of my brothers, you did it for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Prayer Shawl Meeting at Faith@work

During the Pandemic we ask that you create your lovely prayer shawls, scarves and hats at home.  You can drop them to Faith@Work attention Ivana.  Thank you for your generosity.

Please join us as we meet to pray and create lovely knitted or crocheted prayer shawls, hats or scarves for those in need. Any questions email Kim

During Mass

As we continue to respond to the growing needs during the coronavirus precautionary period, we have new and/or altered needs during Mass. Some of those are:

Greeters/Reservations – can you arrive 20-30 minutes early to help greet our brothers and sisters in Christ and check their reservations? Pick your Mass!

Livestreaming Mass – Pick your Mass! Can you arrive 15 minutes early and help with the camera operations during Mass? The cameras are already fixed on the wall.   There is a desk set up in the choir room that has the coordinating equipment needed to operate the cameras (computer, monitors to see what’s on the camera, joy stick to operate movement).  It’s pretty simple if you’re comfortable with a computer – we train and there are notes for assistance.

Turn on the camera approximately 10 minutes before Mass starts.  Zoom in and zoom out.  

You will still be able to participate in most of the Mass – and most importantly – receive Jesus in the Eucharist!

Turn off camera after Mass has ended.

Beaumont Eucharistic Ministers Needed

Every Sunday, directly from 9 am Mass, ministers bring Holy Communion to a limited number of Catholics who desire the Sacrament at Troy Beaumont. We are very low on active ministers who serve on Sundays at this time. See here for more details.

Easter Masses

Many, many hands and hearts will help to warm the hearts of those joining us for our Easter Masses this year. Whatever your gifts and talents, we’re sure we can find a spot for you! Some of the areas we will need help with are: decorating the Church and Davidson Center for Easter, Greeters, Livestreaming Mass during Mass, and Music Ministry, in addition to our Eucharistic Ministers & Ushers. If you think you might be able to help in this holy season, please email Brenda or call (248) 689-8380 ext. 103.

Volunteers Needed for SOS

This year, as we have done in the past, St. Anastasia Parish will be supporting ‘host’ parishes that are assisting South Oakland Shelter (SOS) members and their needs.  If you are not familiar with SOS, they are an organization focused on helping people who find themselves in need of temporary shelter.  The individuals that are assisted are usually employed with the hope is that this short term assistance that will help them through a challenging time in their lives.  In many instances, this aid leads to them establishing a new lease on life.  A wonderful cause indeed.

If you would like to be involved in the winter of 2021 please email Kim.