Bronze Cross

The large bronze cross that hangs over the sanctuary of the Church was commissioned by Father Davidson of artist Mark Read of Farmington Hills and was installed April 7,1989. Bronze Cross photo courtesy of Mike Friend

Following are facts of interest:

  • Dimensions: 15 feet x 11-1/2 feet
  • Number of Crosses: 689 (includes center cross)
  • Weight: 800 pounds – Number of screws: 806
  • Number of silver brazed joints: 3,440
  • Number of welds: 1,535
  • Number of hours to complete: 3,500 – 4,000

Stations of the Cross

Hand carved in Italy – purchased through A. Mateja Church Supply in Garden City – purchased by parishioner donations

Main Tabernacle

Fabricated by Daiek Woodworks during renovation of the church in 1993

Tabernacle Doors

Cloisonne on Silver

  • Annunciation/Visitation – A gift to Father Davidson in 1970
  • Artist: Yoko Wong
  • From a series of 15 depicting the mysteries of the decades of the rosary.
  • These two from the Joyful Mysteries

(Interesting note: Lee Iacoca purchased all five from one of the other mysteries)

Faceted Glass Windows

Original windows – Hopfensperger Studios, Inc. – Grand Rapids/Midland
Added during renovation: Anchor Glass – Detroit