Youth Group (B.A.S.I.C.)

High School Youth Ministry:

The youth group (BASIC) meets every other Sunday night (Sep – May) after the 5 p.m. Mass and offers an engaging community of young Catholics who wish to grow deeper in their faith, but this is no ordinary group. Relying on activities and engaging discussion, BASIC seeks to not only attract teens to the faith, but help those already invested develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the Lord and their peers.

The program, through the direct leadership of the Senior Teen Leaders and the Teen Council, is fundamentally youth lead. The teen leaders are responsible for coordinating much of the topics, and although the teaching is carefully critiqued, it is encouraged to become their own. This keeps the programming in such a place that the teens are able to learn in their own way and tackle topics that are of interest to their lives. Teens are given the opportunity to learn not only from gifted adult mentors, but from their peers in an environment of inclusion, acceptance and love.

Opportunities at BASIC include theology, social justice, leadership, faith, prayer, games, hands-on learning, movie nights, retreats, social events, small group and other outings. The bulk of potential activities are intentionally generated in December by the teens themselves during a workshop in which their input is taken directly into account. Effectively, BASIC (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) is made for teens by teens.

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