Group Ministries Template Email in Description Instructions

Instructions Below for Emails

Code to use in the description boxes. <a href="mailto:[insert email here]">[Text you want displayed here]</a>

  1. Copy the entire red text above from ‘<a’ to ‘</a>’ and paste where you want in the description boxes on “Group Ministries” template pages like Mercy / Encouragement.
  2. Replace the bracketed ‘[…]’ text with the correct text e.g. ‘’ for the first bracket and ‘Email Person’ for the second.
  3. Or use the email field to have the email appear next to the Ministry Contact where you only need to drop in the email address ( and the link will be made automatically on the front end.
  4. Click update to save changes.

After updating the page, the code above will turn into HTML values with symbols and numbers as seen below in Beaumont, but it will still work fine. I am not sure why it happens but you can always just copy in the code again if you need to fix something.

Email Kim

This is paragraph text.

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        1. list

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– Diocesan’s Web Team, 2020

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– Diocesan’s Web Team, 2020

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– Diocesan’s Web Team, 2020

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– Diocesan’s Web Team, 2020

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This is the caption to the Silent Night audio file from above.
Silent Night (key in B) by Yoshinori Tanaka / 田中 芳典 |
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