Together in Holiness

Together in Holiness (TIH) is unique in that it offers a place of encounter, where God’s plan for marriage and family is proclaimed and a desire for holiness is enkindled in the hearts of married couples. Spouses gather for 7 sessions throughout the year to explore their call to holiness in and through marriage and family life.*

These gatherings include:

  • A meal and time for fellowship
  • Prayer and meaningful friendships
  • Short, compelling video presentations
  • Discussion facilitated by Host Couples who are formed and supported by the St. John Paul II Foundation
  • A Bring it Home component that translates learning into living

This enrichment opportunity for Catholic spouses, offers a community of accompaniment with other like- minded couples, equipping them with the formation, encouragement, support, and practical tools to grow together in holiness as spouses and parents and to form their children in the Catholic faith.

To participate, to become involved, or to get started – please complete this short form.

For more information about Together in Holiness opportunities at St. Anastasia, please email Lea & Josh Ross.

Remember to pray for each other every day!

Lord, we come to ask what you desire from us. Guide us to know your will. May we look to your love for us as our model of how we are to love each other. Show us how to nourish and cherish each other as we would our own bodies. Bring your strength to our weakness so that we might help each other grow into people you created us to be. Enable us to grow in our intimacy with you and with each other so that we might experience the fullness of your love. Thank you for the gift of marriage so that we can more fully understand your love for us. Amen.

Looking for more? Please see our website for many other resources and opportunities for marriages. Other questions? Please contact Brenda Kozlowski at (248) 689-8380 Ext. 103 or email.

*Through the financial support of St. Anastasia Marriage Ministry and the Archdiocese of Detroit, we are pleased to offer, at this time, this Together in Holiness enrichment opportunity for only $50 per couple!