You Fit In Here!

St. Anastasia has a rich history of Christian Service. We currently support over thirty active service ministries to suit all kinds of personalities, abilities, and time constraints. Opportunities abound for YOU no matter how you want to serveā€¦

  • Once a year, once a month, or every day
  • As an introvert or extrovert
  • On a pre-set schedule or on your own time
  • Individually or on a team
  • As a leader or a follower
  • With children, teens, or adults
  • Privately or in public
  • At home, at the church, or in the community
  • As a single, divorced, married, or widowed person
  • Physically or spiritually

We welcome and guide all who would like to put their God-given talents to good use. Please visit the Stewardship section of our website for a full listing and description of our ministries. If you’d like to discuss the best way for you to get involved, please contact Marian Bart by calling 348-689-8380, ext. 108 or by *protected email*