WYD Rio: Day 7

We received an e-mail from Fr. Eric about the events of this morning:

Hey! After the Mass this morning in the Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro with the Pope, bishops, and some priests and nuns, I walked over to where the Pope had come into the Cathedral. He came down greeting people and my hand was a foot from touching his! The picture is NOT zoomed in at all. That is how close I was to him! Off to the overnight vigil on the beach!
In Christ through Mary,
Fr. Eric Fedewa

Pope Francis
Almost close enough to touch!

Today, our pilgrims will be taking the Pilgrim Walk to Copacabana Beach where they will have the opportunity for Adoration starting at 4 pm and continuing throughout the night. Due to the rain, the location was changed from Campos Fidei.

At 7 pm, the Holy Father will arrive for Vigil. The Vigil will be a great time of praise, worship, and testimonies. Youth from all over the world will be praying and reflecting on the mission that will be given on the next day: to go into the world and make disciples of all nations.

After the Holy Father leaves, the youth will remain in prayer and worship until midnight. Then, they will sleep on the beach under the stars. 🙂

Alyssa shows us in a video how close the pilgrims were to Papa Francesco!