WYD Rio: Day 6

Our pilgrims waited in the rain and got to greet the Pope at Copacabana Beach last night! Alyssa shows us how close they were:

Alyssa with the Pope
Alyssa with Papa Francesco

She was also a wonderful ambassador and made a lot of friends:

Alyssa with Souvenir Guy
Portuguese-British accent? Check!

Alyssa with Italians
Pilgrims from Italy

Alyssa with Gabriella
Tour guide’s sister, Gabriella, who got to see Pope Francis on her 10th birthday!

Alyssa with Bernadette
Bernadette from Australia

Alyssa notes that although the weather has been rainy and windy, it’s expected to warm up a bit over the next couple days. Let’s pray for good weather for our pilgrims!

Today, they will have breakfast, Catechesis, and lunch; then, will head to the Stations of the Cross event. It will begin about 3 pm with the Divine Mercy chaplet and music at Copacabana Beach, and is sure to be a very memorable event! Pope Francis will be arriving about 5 pm for the start of Stations.

In the official write-up for Stations:

The Way of the Cross is a moment of prayer, meditation, and reflection on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Way of the Cross is a time for remembering God’s love for us. “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,” – John 15:13.

In support of our pilgrims, let’s try to pray the Stations of the Cross today.