What’s In The Works!

My generous thanks go to all of those who have been so busily and cheerfully planning a wonderful new year for our students.  Our grade-level coordinators have bravely conquered pretty heavy work over the summer, delving into some new ways to plan lessons which focus on the students and their learning rather than on the teacher and the text.  The coordinators also had some faith-formation homework to do, so our fall meetings have been very enjoyable and educational as we start each one off with a “book report” of some kind.  Above and beyond our beautiful staff, we have some wonderful, dedicated, inspired and inspiring volunteers who really make a huge difference behind the scenes.  I thank them all!

The 9th Grade READY program got off to a fabulous start with the BASIC youth ministry kick-off Mass, a family lunch, and the first class sessions about metanoia.  (Go ahead, ask a ninth grader!) Some of the other profound topics planned for our READY students include heaven, salvation, suffering, Mary, sainthood, and the mystery of ‘unanswered’ prayer.

Our catechetical theme this year is “The Communion of Saints.”  Don’t be surprised if it’s our theme next year, too, because I really like it.  We are (permanently?) assigning a patron saint or two to each grade level so that the students can really get to know about these saints through the years.  For example, our preschoolers will learn about the Blessed Virgin Mary, while kindergarteners will learn about our mother Mary and St. Joseph too.  It is so important for all of us to realize that saints are regular people, just like us, full of faults and follies.  So what turns these ordinary folks into Saints?  One key factor:  Desire for God.  We hope that these saintly life stories help our children – and the rest of us – to find and foster that vital desire.

In addition to restructuring many of the lesson plans themselves and our thematic content, we have also taken a hard look at the depth and fullness of the content of each grade’s curriculum.  Check out the guide below to see what else is in the works!

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If you would enjoy being involved in teaching our children, it is not too late to sign on!  You don’t need to be an expert at it, just willing to learn.  The benefits are amazing.  One catechist recently described his involvement like this: “I can’t imagine what I would be like if I didn’t do this!” He meant that being a catechist has made him a better person, in a deeper relationship with the Lord.  What a sweet gift to allow God to give you!  Please join us.  Just call the religious education office or shoot me an email on Monday to find out how.  We have an all-catechist training in the Davidson Center on Tuesday, September 28 at 7 PM.

Your Pickle,

Marian Bart