The Plan!

Our whole staff is delighted to be able to share with you the basics of the new education schedule for this coming school year. Now don’t go skippity-jumping ahead; first read this:  We know and proclaim – with our whole hearts, our whole minds, and all our strength – that NOTHING else is more important than deepening our relationships with God.  That being said, we do respect that, in addition to Mass and religion classes,  many families (including our own) have other children, other responsibilities, other activities, and important bedtimes – all of which can be vital to faithfully living out our God-given vocations. We understand.

Because we are now offering more flexibility to families, we will need a corresponding reaction from those who wish to register.  Please recognize that we will have limits, that we need to know all your preferences, and that catechists and folks who register promptly will be more likely to land in their top-preferred spot.

So here’s the deal.  Each class, Preschool through 9th, will meet for 1.25 hours.

Pre Tues 4:30

K Tues 4:30

1st Mon 4:30, Tues 4:30, Tues 6:45

2nd Tues 4:30, Tues 6:45

3rd Mon 4:30, Tues 4:30, Tues 6:45

4th Mon 4:30, Mon 6:45, Tues 4:30

5th Mon 4:30, Mon 6:45, Tues 4:30

6th Wed 4:30, Wed 6:45

7th Wed 4:30, Wed 6:45

8th Wed 4:30, Wed 6:45

9th Sun 11:30 (every other week)

RCIA Sun 10:30 – 1:00

It is our expectation that this schedule will also free up some more rooms on the campus for weeknight meetings, except perhaps on Tuesdays!  We also hope that the families  who don’t specifically need a Tuesday class will aim for the Monday options instead, so that those who would benefit most from them will be able to fit into them.  The religious education registration brochure will be mailed to each family in late July.  If you don’t have one in your mailbox by July 27, please call the religious education office at that time.  Though we have judiciously cut our budget, the cost to you for registration will remain the same as last year – except the Grade 9 price will be reduced a smidge.

Your Pickle,