Thank You!

We are wrapping up another wonderful year of religious education; our last classes will take place this week.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who chose to “make increase” on the talents The Master has given them by participating as catechists, substitutes, teen catechists, hall monitors, speakers, babysitters, preparation volunteers, donors, and prayer warriors!  May God continue to bless you richly!

Thank you also to the religious education staff.  It has been what some might view as a very challenging year, with two coordinators, Kristin and Jo, beginning brand-new positions mid-stride (in January) and Sarah (who was new in the fall) taking on an additional grade then too.  All of them have risen to the occasion incredibly well, supported by the other staff, their families, and of course our parish at large.  God is good!

Thank you also to everyone who helped with the Confirmation celebration; I wish every single person in our community could have been there.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, full of wonder, hope, and glory to God.  Thanks to Bishop Cepeda for his inspirations and all the parents, staff, and volunteers for your support.

And much appreciation goes to Rochelle Rosenbaum and her helpful family – Chris, Marisa, and Brianna – for the tremendous amount of prayer, planning, and effort that went into our Vocations Fair.  It was a very holy experience for everyone.  You all remind me that every soul is beloved of God and can respond to Him brilliantly.