Taking Shelter

For decades now, one of my favorite Scripture verses has been Sirach 6:14: “A faithful friend is a strong shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure.”  The meaning of faithful, there, I have long taken to mean trustworthy and loyal – to our friendship.  But  in recent years I have found another meaning in that word which resonates even more strongly with me, because I have been increasingly blessed with faith-full friends: people who know Jesus and can bring me to Him when I’m paralyzed.  People who hear His voice and can speak His wisdom to me.  People who lean on Him as I lean on them.  People who call on me to do the same for them.

If you are reading this and do not have faith-full friends, I strongly suggest that it is time to find them.  Pray for some – God will answer with joy and abundance.  Come serve and/or socialize here at St.  Anastasia and meet them.  Seek them out at work or in your neighborhood.  Look closely at your extended family to see who has a prophet’s backbone.  Join or create a Bible study or book group.  If you already have faith-full friends, this is a good time to make some more.

If you are a parent – especially a dad – there is nothing better you can do for your spouse, your children, and yourself.  Give your family the gift of seeing that they are not alone in this world… that others make good and holy choices… that truly strong and virtuous leaders do exist… and that though we are sinners we have great hope for full communion with God.


Your Faithful Pickle,

Marian Bart