Soldiers of Faith – New Group

The purpose behind this unique group is to present a different POV (Military Mind-Set) for my Brothers and Sisters in Christ regarding all aspects of our lives and faith. If you are a Veteran, Active Duty, Retired, or friends/family of a military member and you’d like a better understanding of what a Soldier does and goes through and if you’d like the true help which God mercifully gives in dealing with issues in life which are a result of service to God and Country, please join us.  We must pick up our cross and carry it every day; we must continue to fight the good fight with our heads held high and our faith in Christ our Lord. Would you like to join the ranks of “Soldiers of Faith” and truly learn how to be a Prayer Warrior, prepare yourself and truly place your faith in our Savior who fought this battle long before us and will finish it after we are gone? The 4-Week Pilot Group will focus on the fundamentals of our faith.

As a “Soldier of Faith” we are the strongest Soldiers in this world and with our Lord’s protection we can never be defeated; this is the theme of this group and I will show you how to adapt the Soldier mind-set so you can serve your Lord and Glorify Him in everything we do while protecting/defending our Faith and Brothers and Sisters. To RSVP or if you have any questions on specifics of this group, please email Brett Felton at  with a subject line as “Soldiers of Faith.” We will most likely be starting this group towards the latter of October on Wednesday evening.  We need an RSVP to begin.