Redeemed Ministry…Healing for You

Since its legalization, over 50 million reported abortions have occurred. So we should likely realize that wherever we go, there is a woman suffering in silence. Some of us are that woman — the walking wounded, abortion’s co-victims. Many of us struggle to believe that God can and does still love us. In order to find healing most women go outside of their own church community to find support. Faithful women fear losing the good opinion of others; this makes women afraid to share their experiences. Our fears are often reinforced (unintentionally) by silence, confirming in the post-abortive woman’s mind that this is something so bad that it is unmentionable at church.  Consequently it becomes the last place we would bring our abortion secret, when really our church should be the first place we turn to. So…

REDEEMED & SET FREE is starting at St. Anastasia. This ministry is for post-abortive women who are seeking God’s healing, forgiveness, and freedom. Our guided group study begins on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. We will meet each Tuesday evening for 8 weeks from 7-9pm in Room 110. The main resource we’ll be using is “Forgiven and Set Free” by Linda Cochrane; books can be purchased at Amazon for $9.89 or limited copies will be available for purchase at the study.  Each session is structured around prayer, Scripture reflection, discussion questions, and sharing – according to your comfort and readiness; no one will be forced to share. We will also have some worship opportunities including a prayer service with optional private confession, and a special Healing Mass.

I know this is scary! It will require great courage from each of us, but haven’t we lived in silence and in fear long enough? We post-abortive women need to wrap our arms around each other in love and understanding to experience the tender mercy and grace of God’s forgiveness and peace. As we journey together, the light and love of His truth will set us free!

Simply contact Jill at this email address for more information and/or to register. All inquiries will be kept confidential.