Plan A

I tend to be a bit too irritable when it comes to The Making Of Grand Plans – especially when there’s a committee involved. Now, despite what my husband may tell you, I wasn’t born with this quick-trigger tetchiness; rather, it has developed over the years as I have been a part of committees who have made fantastic, convoluted plans that have never come to fruition. I have learned that I much prefer to stick with the one sure-fire plan that is ALWAYS simple, honorable, timely, and productive. I admit that this plan does come to us from a small Committee of Three. And it does have two distinct components. But – good news! The first component is quite easy to perceive, because it’s already been written down, and the second part – which may take a bit more effort – has both flexibility and guaranteed results.

Component One: The Word of God – Gift of the Father, made living and active in the Son and in the Scriptures (cf. Hebrews 4:12)

Component Two: Divine Inspiration – Inheritance of the Beloved (that’s us), the promised and dynamic Holy Spirit (cf. Luke 11:13)

Taken together, The Plan can show us what to do. Anytime, anywhere. Whatever the occasion, I encourage us all to remember and actively invest in The Plan. Such investment requires attending Mass, studying the Bible, participating in the Sacraments, and spending dedicated time in silent prayer, listening for the very best answers.

Using The Plan, in the past year our Christian Service Commission has noticed some groups of people that our church needs to be even more active in supporting: prisoners, widows, orphans, unmarried folks, those who need to forgive, and the poor. We have taken action to make progress. For example, we recently did very, very well with our “Sheet Drive for Covenant House” – thank you!! And we are moving ahead with other activities, too, including the forgiveness service scheduled for next Saturday, the 21st, at 6:30 PM. When you feel inspired to join in on any of these actions – new or long-established – please let me know. There’s a listing on our website of all the stewardship activities that are already in motion here. Please look it over to see which one(s) interest you. And if the Word and the Holy Spirit animate a new idea in your heart, please let the Commission know. We’re ready to put “Plan A” to work.