Mother and Unborn Baby Care Open House

Spring is coming, and with it the season of rebirth – NEW LIFE!

There is no greater joy than to witness to the gift of life. This is what we are all about at Mother and Unborn Baby Care – helping to bring new life into the world by reaching out in love to those searching for hope. Our dedicated staff of volunteers meets these women who are searching for hope daily. We are committed to serving the least among us…the unborn child. At Mother and Unborn Baby Care, we are concerned about the mother and the child. Our daily goal is to be a light on a hill, reaching out to women who are in a crisis pregnancy situation, with the love of Christ. We offer the hope of our Lord to all who enter through our doors, letting them know that they are loved and cherished by God, and that they have received the special, unrepeatable gift of God….new Life!

Would you like to be a part of a ministry that reaches out to those in need? If you feel God calling you to actively participate in this vital effort, please contact me at (248) 202-4903, or by email at gro.c1513143591buam@1513143591r.ret1513143591ep1513143591. Blessed Pope John Paul II, soon to be Saint Pope John Paul II said of pregnancy centers, “You are doing the most important work on earth.” On Saturday, April 5, 2014, we will host an open house from 1 PM to 5 PM at our Center, located at 24500 Southfield Road, between 9 and 10 Mile Roads. Please look for the bright pink sign and join us if you are interested in getting involved in this exciting and rewarding ministry…..defending the gift of LIFE!