Mary’s Mantle

What is Mary’s Mantle?

Mary’s Mantle will be a Catholic residential home for expectant mothers that are in need of shelter and support. The home will serve women of all faiths that are at least 18 years old. Our hope is that by immersing them in an environment rich in love, compassion, faith, and positive role models they will grow in self confidence and self knowledge, and will work towards a better way of life for themselves and their babies. Our desire is to open the doors this spring.

Is there a need?

The idea for Mary’s Mantle came about through the tragedy of a local teenager who found herself homeless and pregnant last spring. Even though she was scared, she expressed a desire to have her baby. However, fear, uncertainty, a lack of readily available resources and pressure from her boyfriend led her to an abortion. I prayed hard the following weeks knowing in my heart that it was a life lost, not because this girl wanted to abort, but instead because she felt hopeless and alone. We as a faith community are called to offer the homeless -hope, the disadvantaged -love, and the desperate -the light of Christ. As we pray for an end to abortion, we must also pray for the end to the despair that often precedes the choice. We must, in a tangible way, represent hope, love, and the light of Christ to these women.

Is there a house?

We are in the process of purchasing or leasing a residential home with 4 bedrooms in the southeastern Michigan area. It was previously operated by Casa Vitae , a non-profit organization, as a home for pregnant women. The current owners, Peggy and Mike O’Dea are incredible witnesses to the faith, and leaders in the local pro-life movement. They have generously offered to help us raise money to purchase the house which has about $100,000 mortgage. We will lease it for a very modest monthly fee if the funds cannot be raised to purchase it. The home can comfortably house up to 4 expectant mothers at a time. The women will be supported, nurtured and loved by staff and volunteers, along with the houseparents who will be in residence. The women will be allowed to stay in residence for a year. Our staff will work diligently assisting them in achieving educational and vocational goals, teaching them parenting and daily living skills, and getting them connected with local resources for their physical and emotional needs, all while providing opportunities for a spiritual life. The desired outcome for all of our residents is to be self sufficient upon leaving Mary’s Mantle, and most importantly we pray that they grow in their personal relationship with the Lord. It is only in this relationship with the Lord, that true change is possible that will lead them down new and life giving paths.

Where does Mary’s Mantle stand legally?

Mary’s Mantle is registered with the State of Michigan as a Non-Profit. We have also applied and received our Solicitors License. Our application was mailed to the Federal Government in early December seeking 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status. We expect approval in early spring.

Who is helping?

A great many wonderful volunteers from St. Anastasia are helping including Dan Parker who is overseeing the renovations to the house. We also have seven Founding Board Members from many local Parishes..they include¬†Fr. JJ Mech, Tom Murray and myself from St. Anastasia, Lynn Gura who is the Pro-Life Coordinator at Ss. Cyril and Methodius, John Hale from Divine Child in Dearborn, Tom Addis from Assumption Grotto, and Lynn Coburn from St. Irenaus and St. Andrews. We have also been tremendously blessed with support and guidance from Executive Directors / founders of other homes for pregnant women. Abigayle’s Ministry, Malta House, and Good Cousel Homes in New Jersey are solid faith based homes with proven track records and offer great examples for us to learn from. Truly, with the many committed individuals working together on this ministry, it is easy to see the hand of God at work.

How Can You Help?

If you are interested in assisting Mary’s Mantle in becoming a reality, please consider supporting one of the above mentioned fundraising events or send in a financial donation. Donations can be made payable to Mary’s Mantle to P.O. Box 115, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0115.

On behalf of all those who are working diligently to bring Mary’s Mantle to fruition, we thank you for your prayers, your support and any and all assistance you can offer. Please call Faith@Work with any questions: (248) 250-9216.

– by Beth Collison