Jottings from Fr. J.J.

We have had some wonderful things happen here at St. Anastasia in 2011 (Art for God’s Sake, new members joining, new ministries, new staff . . .).  For me personally, 2011 had some really rough patches (one, being the death of my Dad).  Because of these experiences, as I opened up my many Christmas Cards this year, I began to try to read them in a new way.  I asked myself what God might be trying to express to me as I carried around a lot of raw emotion.

Christmas card messages say something about the sender. What one decides to write in a Christmas card can bring cheer to friends and family. It shows that you appreciate them and it keeps you in touch through the holidays.

When I read this year’s batch, I was reminded that not only do I remember that Jesus is the reason, but you believe that too.  I invite you to read some of these Christmas card messages.  Ask the same question I did: “God, what might you be trying to express to me as I carried around a lot of raw emotion?”

  • Christmas is the most important birthday anyone will celebrate throughout the year.  There is a reason it’s the biggest and most anticipated birthday year after year.
  • Death and evil are no match for love, which is proven by the Christmas story.
  • The Christ child of a virgin mother has been born.  Spread the good news.
  • The Lord sent his only son so that anyone who believes in Him will not have to die but can live forever.
  • He is the reason for every season and celebration, because without Him there is no hope.  Merry Christmas.
  • Christmas marks the beginning of the hope of salvation.  Our savior is born.
  • Jesus is the brightest Christmas light.  Jesus is the only light that will never burn out or be unplugged.
  • Christmas is the best example of great things coming in small packages. The best gift the world has ever been given came in the form of a little baby.
  • Christmas is the ultimate beginning of a ‘good guy’ versus ‘bad guy’ story.
  • Christmas begins the story and Easter finishes is.
  • There is no greater love than the love that God showed us all when he gave His only son.

When you answer, I believe His response and yours guarantees continuity and hope. May you respond, and may you experience in profound ways, the joy that He brings. On behalf of myself, Fr. Eric, Fr. Varghese, and the entire St. Anastasia Staff: Merry Christmas!

God bless!
Fr. J.J.