Jottings from Fr. J.J.

THOSE THRIFTY ACRES ARE BENEFITING US!   A year ago, Meijer started a program called “Simply Give”. They match donations that customers make and then donate to area Food Pantries. The Rochester Store (Rochester Rd. and Auburn) gave us $750 in gift cards for the St. Anastasia Food Pantry (which serves the Troy area). We will utilize these cards to purchase perishable items such as bread, milk and eggs to supplement the non-perishable items that we give. We also receive money from Meijer when you swipe your card when making a purchase. Be sure to indicate that your charity of choice is St. Anastasia when you sign up. We support a Michigan company when we do this. Thank you to Meijer and Medelin Villarama, our parishioner who made this available to us.

MASTER OF THE HARVEST, HEAR OUR PRAYER!  A few weeks ago, we had a missionary visit us and we were able to donate almost $8,500 to his ministry. He wrote a note to me in response to his experience here: “Dear Fr. J.J. Mech, Great gig, thanks to you for the open warm reception I was receiving!  What a Parish! Vibrant, with all ages of people receiving the sacraments. The people are truly blessed with the priestly care of the two of you! What a pair! You complement each other. You should receive good vocations for the Church. Live on in His Love! Michael Shanahan, SS.CC.” It was a very nice compliment that Fr. Michael gave to us. I want to remind you that we are all vocation directors. It is imperative that we who spend time with our youth and young adults create an environment that nurtures vocations. We all need to plant the seeds of faith in people’s hearts and encourage them to listen to God’s call. Think of all the initiations they receive from the internet, TV, movies, etc. I ask you to talk about vocations with the younger folks around you and invite them to consider a vocation to the priesthood and consecrated life. Let me know if there is any individual you want me to pray for, or if you want me to talk with someone about their vocation. In the words of Fr. Michael, we “should receive good vocations for the Church.”  

A MIND, OPPORTUNITY, AND LIBRARY ARE TERRIBLE THINGS TO WASTE.  In a few short weeks the Troy Public Library is scheduled to close permanently. You may not be aware of a group called the Citizens to Save the Troy Public Library. They are a group of folks who value the library as a   community asset and want to keep the library going so we can compete with other cities. They are asking that we vote “Yes” to save the Troy Public Library in November. If you are interested in how you can help, contact moc.l1519189875iamg@1519189875lptev1519189875assne1519189875zitic1519189875

OOPS!   You may have received a letter from me this past week about CSA, and that “you” included kids in grade school and some of you who already donated. Obviously this was a mistake. The letter was meant to go to those who did not yet return the pledge card. Sorry for the mistake. Some of you were very upset and that was not the intention. By the way, those of you who have already   returned the pledge card, thank you. We are getting closer and closer to reaching the target and I pray we will not have to dip into our savings to pay it off.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.