Jottings from Fr. J.J.

HEY FADA!: This weekend we honor our Dad’s.  My Dad was in the hospital about a week and a half ago. He went into emergency for pneumonia and stayed for congestive heart failure.  My Dad is home now and happy as a clam (mostly because he does not have to eat the low sodium cardiac diet they were feeding him).   Both he and I really want to thank you for your prayers.  Please keep ‘em coming, we always need them. Love you, Dad!

THE SOUND OF SILENCE: Last Sunday, the 10:15am Adult Choir went on summer break.  It is a well deserved break, but I have to admit, I am a little disappointed since I’ll miss them.  Each of our liturgies has a unique sound and feel; whether it be a solo cantor, the Celebration Singers, our folk group, the Adult Choir, or the Youth Band. 

     Last week we had five funerals, in fact, two in one day.  There are a group of folks who belong to “The Resurrection Choir”.  They make sure that the funeral liturgy has quality music and help those who are grieving to participate.  Some of the members not only attended the first funeral, but stayed for the second as well.  That is true ministry.    

     I want to thank all the choirs, Dr. Chun, David Graves, A.J. Pipas, Dan Tardiff and all the folks who put their heart and energy into the Masses.  Music really lifts the spirit and helps us connect to the Spirit.  

 BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS: As a cottage owner who gets there once every one or two weeks, I have a whole new appreciation for people who garden.  I’ve weeded, planted, fertilized, and watered at my place, but again that is once every one or two weeks.  Every time I pull into our parking lot I say a little prayer for all of the folks who work so hard to keep up on the landscaping on our property.  It is so beautiful and I really appreciate it.  The amazing explosion of color from the flowers is awe-inspiring.  My cottage property is a postage stamp compared to our large complex and I am very aware of the hard work that goes into making the parish plant look so good.  Thank you to the “Garden Angels” who work so hard.  As I walk back in forth on the property, I find myself constantly bending down to tug at a weed.  I invite you first to thank any of the individuals you happen to see making our parish look so good.  Second, toss in a prayer for them (maybe even a prayer inspired by the landscapes beauty). Finally, third, if you happen to see a weed poking its ugly head up through the ground, give it a tug and help out. 

MEN’S CONFERENCE: Men from throughout Michigan will gather this month in Ypsilanti for the first ever statewide Catholic conference for men. It’s an opportunity for Christian men to draw strength from Christ and find fellowship with one another.  It will take place at Eastern Michigan University and the focus is: “Doing all things in Christ, tapping into real power in a power hungry world.”  Because of the economic challenge, ticket sales are slower than normal.  Students can get tickets for $25 and others are $40.  It includes several qualified speakers and lunch.  It will take place on Saturday, June 26th from 9:30 am to 4:30pm.  Mass will take place at 3pm.  I encourage you to consider attending. 

LIBRARY: As I understand it, Fr. Davidson worked very hard to create our parish library.  I will walk by and often see folks utilizing it (including a lot of kids).  As well, in the midst of conversations with some parishioners, it is not rare to have them say “We have a parish library?”   Yes and a very good one at that.  I invite you to check it out.  One of the problems that we have, like every parish, is lack of space.  We have many photo albums in the library that hold our parish history.  We need your help.  We would like to scan these photos and put them on computer.  The purpose is two-fold.  We would like to save space and make room for more things that would be beneficial for you to be able to read, and we would like to preserve and catalogue our last 43 years.  If you could spare some time, please let the front office know you want to help.  Stop in the library and check it out.  We even have a recliner for you cuddle up in with the book you choose after perusing the stacks. Happy reading.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.