Jottings from Fr. J.J.


First, the good news: I received a letter today from the Chancellor of the Archdiocese thanking me for submitting our parish budget for the next fiscal year. We received a positive review from the Department of Finance and Administration and approved it without qualification. This rarely if ever happens, so a big shout out to Brian our Business Manager and our Finance Council. A job well done!

The almost good news: A very generous parishioner just gave $3,500 toward our CSA (Catholic Services Appeal) target of $243,866. This means we are almost there, almost. We are short $17,000. This means that if we do not make our target, the shortfall of $17,000 will have to come out of our budget somewhere. The Finance Council, Business Manager and I went through the budget with a fine toothed comb to cut out all of the fat. We do not want to have to eliminate any of our programs or staff. Therefore, if you have not yet given to CSA, please let us know what your amount is. Thank you!

Now the bad news: Summer months are tough collection wise. Folks are away on vacation and most don’t remember to give to the collection. Therefore, our collections have been down all of July. Uuuugh!, maybe I should have ended with the good news!?


Are you a young man between the ages of 18-25? Do you practice your faith? Do you desire to grow in discipleship with Christ? Not dating? Are you in good physical condition? Open to learning about the Priesthood? Are you open to a new experience?

Why all the questions? Our vocation director, Fr. Tim Birney is once again leading a potentially life-changing, 164 mile, 16 day walking discernment retreat along the ancient El Camino (the way) pilgrimage trail in Spain next June 2015.

It would only cost $1,500 and if we find some worthy candidates, I would be happy to find some funds somewhere to even defray some of that cost. If you know someone who might be a candidate for this retreat, please contact me and I would be happy to speak to them directly myself.


I jump up and down in excitement when our servers show up for Mass. Therefore, we want to say thanks to our faithful and dedicated servers by taking them to a trampoline park and feeding them with pizza this Tuesday. We need good servers who take their job seriously and want to serve Christ at the altar. If you know of a young person who would make a good server, let us know. Also, if you see a server who is doing a good job, compliment them.


I have bad shoulders. One of you was kind enough to let me borrow pulleys that hang on the back of the door to use for stretching. I want to return them, but for the life of me I cannot remember who they belong to. If you let me borrow them, please let me know. Thank you!

God bless,
Fr. J.J.