Jottings from Fr. J.J.

MMM, MMM GOOD! – This weekend we welcome Sister Mary Ann MacRae, MMM as our Mission Appeal Speaker.  As Christ calls us, we are to evangelize and care for those in need.  Sister Mary Ann, originally from Seattle, WA, entered the Medical Missionaries of Mary in Winchester, MA in 1963.  Having attended University College Dublin in Ireland she gained her degree in medicine and was missioned to Nigeria, W. Africa.  There she ministered as a medical doctor for 18 years in three different parts of the country. During that time she also acquired a Masters degree in Public Health to better ensure that the scarce resources for health care would be well utilized.  Her great love was the care of mother and child.    Leaving her Nigerian mission in the hands of a very capable Nigerian lay doctor she spent some time back in the USA and was later missioned to Tijuana, Mexico.  There she ministered at a clinic where many of her patients made their livelihood scavenging at the local garbage dump and often living there as well. In 2002 she was recalled to the USA to take up the work of telling the MMM story and making new friends for the Medical Missionaries of Mary as the Director of the Mission.  Please show her some of that famous St. A’s hospitality and generosity.

LET’S REMEMBER TO REMEMBER– Memorial Day is upon us.  As the unofficial start of summer rings in, we are busy doing our barbeques, getting that “hanging over our head” house project started, and maybe even getting a new mattress because of those awesome sales.  With all the things that can often dilute the original purpose of this holiday, let us not forget all the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  As Catholics, we richly celebrate all the martyrs in our history who gave their lives in service to Christ.  We are one nation under God, free to celebrate, and are able to worship in the way we do because of these soldiers who shed their blood for our freedom.  I invite you to stop in the midst of all the things you do this weekend and thank the Lord for the freedom we have and those who gave their lives to uphold it.

THE BODY OF CHRIST NEEDS THE BODY OF CHRIST – Every Sunday at the 8:15 am Mass, ministers of the Eucharist are sent forth to take Communion to the Catholics at Beaumont Hospital.  We did not have enough folks to care for the sick, so we went to St. Thomas More Parish and they have filled in our blank spots.  A big thank you to them!    Usually, folks from St. Anastasia will once a week bring parishioners who are unable to participate in the Sunday Mass, Holy Communion.  With no Associate pastors, a semi-retired deacon, and another deacon working 6 days a week, this other group who can’t join us at the altar needs your help.  We can’t go to St. Thomas More for this one, so we are calling on you.  It is an immensely satisfying ministry that only needs you once every 4-5 weeks.  We will train you and make sure you are prepared.  Please, please contact our Christian Service minister, Kim Houseman  or call 248-689-8380 x 112.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.

P.S. Remember to carve out a little time next week after Mass for ice cream and fun to celebrate our “Mortgage Burning” party.