Jottings from Fr. J.J.


Any kind of change or ending can leave us feeling deserted, whether it is a divorce or simply creaky knees causing us to give up our favorite sport. Inevitably, the grieving—the searing waves of sadness and anger—come. At first, our lives seem unlivable, but if we enter into it, something unexpectedly comforting happens. As with Christ’s crucifixion, any sorrow can be the parent of a joy we’ve never imagined.

Where am I going with all this? Unfortunately, I share with you some challenging news. We have to say goodbye to Fr. Moses sooner than we thought. By the time you read this, things will already be in motion. Let me explain. If you recall, during Christmas, Fr. Moses went home for about 6 weeks. When he came back, he did not seem to have the spark he once had. While in Kenya, Fr. Moses contracted Malaria. The horrific symptoms threw his life into a spiral. Fr. Moses has become so weak; he is unable to even celebrate Masses this week. Fr. Moses assures us he will eventually be healthy again, it will just take time.

While Fr. Moses was supposed to be with us here at St. Anastasia for at least another year and a half, he now has to go home to recuperate. He has to go home this week. This unfortunately does not allow him nor us to say goodbye in the way we would like. To save his energy and prevent him from having to speak at all of the liturgies, Fr. Moses will address us through a pre-recorded video played at the end of every liturgy.

I have made a lifelong friend in the short time Fr. Moses has been with us. He is a good man and a good priest. I encourage you to write him a note expressing the positive ways he has influenced your journey. You can send it to:

Fr. Moses M. Muttai
PO Box 2048
Meru – 60200

Please keep him and St. Anastasia Parish in prayer. Do not worry; we are not going to be orphaned. God will take care of Fr. Moses and us. Change is never ending, but keep in mind that with Christ we can move through loss and find gain.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.  



There is nothing harder or more painful than to say goodbye. But for sure, there is nothing with a beginning that has no end. For the last year, I enjoyed working in this Parish under Fr. J. J., whom I respect and love so much. It was good working with our ever dedicated and loving staff. And finally, it was good and a blessing, for me to work for the community of St. Anastasia.

I thank the Archbishop of Detroit for giving me a chance to work in his Diocese.

For the last two months, my health has been going down every day. I have now become so weak that I cannot be effective as I was before. I therefore, requested my superiors in consultation with my pastor, Fr. J J, to allow me to go back to Kenya.

Goodbye my dear friends and let us always keep one another in prayers. You will all remain in my heart. Pray for my safe journey too.

Thank you and see you again.

Fr. Moses