Jottings from Fr. J.J.

Out Roman Again

Many folks go on trips or vacations, but to go on a pilgrimage is truly a privilege. What is a religious  pilgrimage? It is a long journey or a search of great moral significance. We all should be on a pilgrimage this Lent. Sometimes, it is a journey to a sacred place or shrine of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith. This week, there are 15 of us who will be journeying to several sacred places in Italy. In    Florence, Orvieto, and Rome we will be visiting holy places, and through the beauty of art attempt to draw closer to our Lord through our rich faith.  Please pray for a safe and inspirational journey for all involved. Be assured that daily prayers will be offered for you.

Death Can Bring Life

You may have noticed the new set of Stations of the Cross in the church. St. Clare of Assisi Parish unfortunately closed its doors for good a few weeks ago. This is a painful process for the parishioners of that parish. Please pray for them as they grieve.  They graciously donated their stations to us. The previous stations that hung in the church were much smaller and more difficult to see, so the staff and I thought we would benefit from St. Clare’s donation.  We will hang the smaller stations elsewhere on the campus.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa

Last weekend Fr. Moses and I messed up: he at the 4:00 p.m. Mass and me at the 10:15 a.m. Mass.  Our CSA chairpersons were to speak and we forgot to call them up. We kicked off our drive last weekend and they were to challenge you to donate your fair share. You probably received my letter already, so I invite you to pray about it and give.  Thank you.

You Are Needed Greatly

Many folks believe erroneously that the primary purpose of a tabernacle is for devotion of the Eucharist. The primary reason for reserving the Blessed Sacrament is actually to use it for the sick and dying.  They need the Lord. We have a ministry at Troy Beaumont to bring Communion to those who could not join us at the altar on Sunday. Last Sunday morning we had the largest number of hospitalized Catholics ever. We average about 145 people, but this time it was over 200. One of the ministers, who signed up, did not show up. This was a great burden on those who did show.

We could alleviate this problem if you signed up to be a minister. The commitment is not daunting. You would only be scheduled every 5 – 6 weeks and you would even receive a reminder call. Please consider signing up and helping those who cannot be with us because of illness, to feel more a part of the Body of Christ. Call Kim at Ext. 112 to inquire.

Other Opportunities to Help

It may not feel like spring, but you can help usher in that season sooner by doing some spring cleaning and at the same time help others. You can save yourself from having to deal with all those stinky and sticky bottles and cans sitting in your garage. How? Bring them here and donate them to the Believe in Miracles foundation. This organization was begun by parishioners in honor of Jenna Kast. Jenna was a parishioner who died at the age of 11 after suffering most of her earthly journey with a brain tumor. You may have noticed that red Believe in Miracles rubber bracelet I wear. Jenna gave it to me. The mission of Believe in Miracles is to enrich the lives of Michigan children suffering from life-threatening medical conditions by buying gifts and bringing joy and hope to their lives. You can give your returnables next weekend and help. We will be collecting them until the end of the day Sunday.

Secondly, you can clean out your closet and help Resurrection Home, a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Kentucky, with whom we have had a long standing relationship. Sister Mary Kay Drouin, an Adrian Dominican, is the founder and director of this residence and she will be here. Sr. Mary Kay understands the reality of abuse and its   consequences, which are sometimes lethal, and what it takes to start over when an abusive situation becomes intolerable or life-threatening.  Thanks to our parishioners, John and Barb Vella, we continue our ministry with this organization. You can drop off any of your gently used clothing or small kitchen items (toasters, pots and pans, i.e. things that can be packed and transported easily) in the Davidson Center on Saturday, March 22nd between 8—11 a.m.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.