Jottings from Father J.J.

ANDY – By now, you are probably already aware that my little guy gave up the fight a week and a half ago. This was almost eight months after they gave this amazing cancer filled black lab only two to four weeks to live. God is good. I am very appreciative of the extra time the Lord gave him (and gave me to be with him). Because of his amazing journey, I am told that they use Andy as an example at the vet clinic. Your generous words, notes, encouragement, and prayers have been more helpful than you realize. I am very appreciative of your kindness to me. Thank you.

SCHOOL ALREADY????? – Well, not really, but we are getting ready for the year ahead. I always hate to see the back to school ads in the paper. It makes my heart feel heavy. But what we want to do is make your wallet feel heavier. How? We are having an “Early Bird” registration for Religious Education. If you get your registration in with full payment by August 10th, you will save some cash. Also, we do not want you to get hit with the late registration fee either, so get those course selections in and prime those little one’s for all that learning!

By the way, we always need good catechists to help the kids understand the Faith. If you think you are the last person who would be good at teaching, don’t say no right away. I used to feel the same way and ended up teaching every grade level while I was in the seminary. I loved it. It really was a lot of fun. Give it a try.

CSA – We are still plugging away at reaching our target, but we are not there yet. I am really excited, because we are doing quite a bit better than I thought we would. Thank you one and all who have returned your CSA cards to us letting us know if and what you could donate. We have about $26,000 to go. If we do not make it, we have to pull that out of our operating budget. That is a little scary, but we still have a little bit of time left.

IT’S A GRAND OL’ FLAG – In fact there are two grand flags now hanging in the naïve of the church on either side of the organ pipes. One is the American flag, which will hopefully remind you to pray for our troops and the leaders of our country, that God will guide them and protect them. The other flag is the Papal flag, which will hopefully remind you to pray for Pope Benedict and all other leaders in the Church. These are a gift from the St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus. Thank you fellow Knights for your generosity.

God bless,

Fr. J.J.