Jottings from Father J.J.

This is Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile

For those of you who are unaware, when I was away last year I returned home and was greeted by about 700 balloons in my sitting room. This was thanks to Fr. Mark (who obviously does not have enough ministries to do!?) and he was assisted by some helper parishioners (side note: these folks need to go to Reconciliation). Recently, Fr. Mark went away on vacation. His return flight was supposed to arrive around midnight, although it was about an hour late. Deacon John was kind enough to pick him up. Fr. Mark got home around 2 a.m. and all he found was that his bed was short sheeted (or at least he thought that was the only thing that was done). His parents had his vestments dry-cleaned and Fr. Mark was going to pick them up later that day. He slept until about 3 p.m. in the afternoon (again, not enough ministry?). When he went into the garage to get in his car he found that it was wrapped in 3000 square feet of cellophane. It was connected to a shelving unit by the saran wrap, and a few select objects were attached to his vehicle as well (the least of which were cassette tapes of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – again, the ministry thing?!). Inside the car, he found that it was filled from floor to ceiling with about eight million foam packing peanuts (thank God for sun roofs). Needless to say, he had his parents drop off the vestment and, as Deacon John informs me, Fr. Mark stood by and allowed his Mother to clean out the car.

First, my apologies to Mrs. Prill (the job of cleaning was supposed to be for Fr. Mark). Second, thank you to one and all who gave me suggestions for pranking Fr. Mark. Third, thank you to the parishioners who assisted me in this endeavor of wrapping and filling his car (no need for you to go to reconciliation. Why? You answered, “What Would Jesus Do?” And you got it right).

Two final things in regards to this situation: If you would like to write a note to Mrs. Prill in regards to the saying: “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” you can deliver them to the office and I would be happy to deliver them personally to her. Also, if Fr. Mark approaches you about getting me back, just remember, if Martin Luther and the Pope had simply taken the higher road, the Church on earth would be in a lot better shape. By the way, for those of you who think this was over the top, his car needed cleaning anyway.

Fill Your Belly, Help Out the Parish

In this tough economy, we have to be creative in trying to stay ahead financially. There are a couple businesses that are assisting us in doing just that. This Monday, August 10th, if you go to Joe Bologna’s Restaurant on the corner of Dequindre and Wattles, they will donate to us 10% of the profits from that day to our youth ministry. Also, if you go to the Insalada Restaurant on the corner of John R and Big Beaver (right near Starbucks) any time from Monday to Friday and MENTION YOU ARE FROM ST. ANASTASIA, they will give us 15% of the profits. Let’s show some parish spirit and

Sr. Kay

I spoke with Sr. Kay last Saturday and she is doing very well. She still has the same health issues that led her to go to the Mother House in Adrian, but she sounded really energetic. If you have not dropped her a line, maybe you can remind her that she is not forgotten and is still missed. Her address: Sr. Kay Allberry, 1269 E. Sienna Heights #419, Adrian MI 49221.

Who Do I Thank?

I have gotten very, very behind in my “Thank You” notes. In gathering everything together, I found a very nice gift without an attached card. Someone was very kind to give me a Christmas ornament of a black lab with angel wings. Whoever this person is, I want to thank you. It is a really great gift and will always remind me of my little guy.