Jottings from Father J.J.


As I understand it, some of you left Mass last Sunday to find that someone had placed a company brochure under your windshield wiper. This has happened in the past and we have had to address it. No one has permission to place anything on your car while you are here. Not only is it private property, but I understand that there is an ordinance against it. We were going to contact the company and inform them, but the police want to do that dirty work. If we want you to get some info, we will hand it to you directly, put it in the “Good News” or mail it to you.


A parishioner stopped Fr. Mark and myself last week and asked us to stop making negative/humorous comments about each other. The concern was raised that someone may think we do not like one another or that we are doing this to hurt the other person. Let me make it perfectly clear that Fr. Mark and I enjoy one another and get along famously. The intent was to simply razz one another, bring some levity, and hopefully make you laugh. When Fr. Mark filled my sitting room with 700 balloons I thought either he really likes me and wants to have some fun, or he is mentally unstable. In Fr. Mark’s case, it happens to be both (just kidding – really!).


A quick thank you to all of you who took time to eat at Joe Bologna’s or Insalata Restaurant last week, and to all who participated in the WBD Golf Outing. We do not have the tally of how much the parish benefited financially, but it was clear to all I bumped into that they had a great time, their bellies were filled and the parish and youth were supported. Thank you.


Prior to the second Vatican Council, if you wanted to become Catholic, it meant that you met with the pastor privately for a few weeks, read a few books, and were privately initiated into the Church. Today this is very different. Today it truly is a formation process, and a community event which involves the entire parish. It begins with inquirers who slowly dip their toe into the unknown waters of the Faith. We assist them along the way to see if they want to figuratively and literally take the plunge fully at Easter. The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) greatly involves the parish and involves a living experience of church. The Magisterium wants the RCIA to be a priority in parishes because it renews parish life. The process of conversion is not only a journey for the person participating in the initiation process, but also for any one involved who is already fully initiated. We need your help to find folks who may be interested in the Church who are not yet Baptized, are Baptized in another Faith and are curious about Catholicism, those who have not yet received the Eucharist, those who have not yet been Confirmed, and “already” Catholics who need a refresher course. Fill out the flyer contained in this copy of the Good News and hand it in. We will contact the person or persons and invite them to an information meeting. It is your job to invite those folks. Let’s do the job well.


This week, we will be having some repairs done on the air conditioning units in the gymnasium. It will cost around $9000 to repair. We are not going to dip into any of our savings, but rather take it out of our operating budget. Why? We are only a month and a half into our budget and we are going to try to squeeze it out somewhere by next July.