In the beginning was the Word… (John 1:1)

Given the antiquity of our faith, and the manner in which worldwide literacy has developed over the centuries, it’s not at all surprising that there was a time when Roman Catholics did not own or read The Holy Bible.  Well, friends, that time is over.  And I know you’re glad.  This is a pretty savvy parish, full of folks who attend Scripture Studies (Check out our fall listings!), subscribe to Biblical publications, spend daily quiet time with the gospels, and at the very least can retell a handful of parables.  All good! However…. One facet of Bible study that many of us have neglected is memorization.  Perhaps we have been overwhelmed by the task itself, or intimidated by an acquaintance who seems eager to recite verses backwards and upside-down.  Perhaps we feel too busy, or don’t see the point of trying.  I could write pages of rhetoric refuting those points, but I’ll just let Proverbs 4:5 sum it up for me. (See how handy this is!?)  The Word there commands us: “Get wisdom, get understanding!  Do not forget or turn aside from the words I utter.”

To this end, all of our religious ed programs will be incorporating an age-appropriate level of Scripture memorization into their lesson plans this year.  It’s as easy as singing a favorite lyric, and more important than knowing our own names.  Please start considering how you can support this effort, so that the word of Christ will dwell in us richly (cf. Colossians 3:16)!