How’s Your Faith Life Going?

One highly beneficial way to intensify your relationship to God and His church is to become a catechist for others. Next year’s schedule offers many scheduling options for everyone involved; we also have some more customized catechist experiences to meet your comfort level, including: co-teaching, mentorship/internship, variable class-sizes, babysitting, teen helpers, and valuable classroom-management training. About ¼ of our households with children also contain a catechist: how awesome! I’d also like to invite the households without young children in them to send forth a catechist or two…. Think of the wisdom and experience, the breadth and depth that such involvement could lend to our youth’s formation! Please pray this summer about becoming involved as a catechist. It is not too early to sign up, if you’re ready to answer the call!  Just contact me or Maryann Brani at the Parish Office to let us know how you’d like to help, or fill out the Catechist Proposal and turn it in. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Your pickle,

Marian Bart