How Much Good Can Be Done on a Saturday?

Firestarters went to help out at Forgotten Harvest on a recent Saturday for one of our service projects.


We met at church bright and early at 7:30 am and headed to Fenton to help out on their farm.

Our first task was to help them beautify the property in anticipation of a benefit for some donors. We were given tools and pointed to a large mound of mulch.


The “After” Shot

Rock “waterfall”

Pathway up the hill

Next, we went across the street to the fields and began planting some Winter Squash.

Firestarters hard at work

At the end of the day, one of our hosts, Rebecca, let us know that we planted about 4,000 squash plants. This will result in approximately 10,000 pounds of squash. Which translates into about 10,000 meals (although Rebecca let us know that a “meal” would not consist solely of squash!).


How much good can a group of young adults do on a Saturday morning?

We can feed 10,000 people! 🙂