Here’s What’s Up:

Please Respect Life, Even If I’ve Confused Your Socks Off – I apologize for any confusion about the request for your participation in the 40 Days For Life Campaign. It’s true that we’re supporting two different events during that lonnnng (Like the Flood! And Lent!) timespan. First, from our Respect Life group, there was an opportunity to commit to an hour of prayer in the chapel or at home back on February 27. Now, there is a chance for you to sign up for an hour to pray for life on the days our Knights of Columbus have “adopted,” March 14 and 15. Anyone who would like to still volunteer for that, please contact Tom D’Alio at 586-925-1451.

Website Features – Our website has groovy new features you may want to see: (1) You can look for any event fliers by clicking on the purple “Event Flier” tab on the left side of the homepage. This feature is to help you easily see the details about special events. (2) You can subscribe to the website by entering your email address at the bottom left of the homepage. A subscription will get you a once-daily update in your email inbox if St. Anastasia posts anything new that day. I have tried it; it works well. We still encourage subscribers to visit the website to see if there are any changes within the pages themselves; posts and pages are two different things. (3) Please remember, when you visit, that the Search Button will help you navigate if you are not sure where to look. And, anytime you see something Underlined in Purple on the site, you can click on it to learn more; the Back Arrow on your browser is the best way to return to any page you’d like to revisit. Lastly but my favorite: If you’re looking for Christian Service stuff, it’s under Stewardship, of course!

Ministry Moments – One of the main goals of our Parish Pastoral Council is to “better tell the story of who we are.” So, last week we began a new feature in our bulletin: Ministry Moments. The content of this regular (2x/month?) article is the stories of our ministries – the generosity we have met, the love we have witnessed, the healing we have known. The end goal of this feature is twofold: (1) Increase readers’ awareness of the abundant love of God in our midst; and (2) Encourage and inspire the desire to become involved in sharing His love. I will need your participation! If you are involved in ministry here, please send in your stories. Keeping in mind that articles should be about 200 words, you can include: factual information about the purpose of your group, some kind of spiritual or emotional testimony which will touch readers’ hearts, anecdotes, thank-you notes, bible quotes, and/or personal reflections. Let’s remind each other how blessed we are – and how blessed we can be by serving. Please send this information to me by email (preferred) or through the parish office (mail or drop-off). Articles should ideally be typewritten in Arial font, 10 pt., using regular margins. Writers may remain anonymous, if they wish. Please be aware that some editing could occur.