Hail, Mary

Many of your parish staff members recently consecrated their lives to Jesus through Mary, using 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley as a preparation guide.  Fr. Anthony plans to offer this same opportunity to the parish at large in the upcoming year.  We highly recommend it!  In the meantime, here’s a Marian prayer I wrote in the chapel.  It’s meant to be prayed in two directions – all the blue words first, and then starting over with the blue and rose together.   I pray it blesses you somehow.

Hail Mary   True victor. Beloved child. Spouse and mother of God.

Full of Grace   Filled. Overflowing with grace. Amazing.

Pray for us sinners now   Rescue us each moment.

And at the hour of death   Sweeten my plea. Welcome me home.

Holy Mary   Bitter no more – transformed is the world!

Theotokos   God bearer. Light holder. Love bringer.

O favored one   You are chosen.  You chose well.

Blessed among women   Make us more like you.

Spouse of God   Till death do you part.  No more death.  No parting.

One with Him   Oh, what intimacy.  To know and be known.

O Immaculata!   Conceived without sin.  Pure.  Holy.  Perfect.

Salve Regina  Our queen. Our beauty. Jewel of Heaven.

O my heart   It beats with His rhythms. How else could it?

Heavenly help   Go to the throne for me! Tell Him I cry out!

Star of the sea   Bringer of running waters and my solace.

Untyer of knots   Solver of problems because you trust fully.

Sayer of yesses   How many yesses?  How many each day?

Obedient virgin   Simple. Free. Content. Quiet.

Mother of the Church   My mother.  Our mother.  Giver of The Life.

This is my body   He is OF your body.  May He be of mine.

Given up for you   Do I give up? Again and again?

Eve’s recovery   My only redemption starts with your yes.

Our great hope   Because of Him – what joy for a mother!

My soul proclaims His greatness too!   Alleluia.

Rejoicing in God our Savior   How great, how perfect, how undeserved a savior.

I would be a lowly handmaid   Small and listening. Waiting. Pondering.

Here I am   Take me take me take me take me take me

Send me   Use me. Love me. Empty me. Fill me.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader