Business Manager Updates

From the Office

       After much consternation, research, and discussions with Father JJ, staff, parishioners, and people in the field (the so called experts) I have decided to not enter into a maintenance agreement for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems.  The best price we could find was $1,800 (including filter replacement) every May and October or a total of $3,600 per year.  We’ve decided to do the filter replacement and much of the preventative maintenance ourselves and have our Maintenance Supervisor, Bill Scally, take some classes on HVAC systems so we can not only maintain the systems ourselves, but do most of the minor repairs; in essence we will be self insured.

            I’ve written a separate article on the Kroger Community Rewards Program and encourage all of you…and your friends, family, and neighbors that may not be members of St. Anastasia to enroll – you do not have to be in the Troy city boundaries to participate so anyone that shops at any Kroger Store can help. Please read that article…you have the choice of enrolling on-line or at the store.  I would suggest that if you do it at the store you simply cut the bulletin article out and take it to the Customer Service area at the Kroger you shop at.  We’ll be doing a mass mailing of this program to all our parishioners…by putting it in the bulletin we only reach those of you that regularly attend mass (about 30% to 35% of our total))…we want to reach everyone…and again, encourage your friends and neighbors to help out as well.

            We have closed the loop on our alarm system for the entire site and have decided to add an alarm system in the Rectory as well.  The priests are frequently not home in the evenings as ministry calls them off-site at all hours and we want to protect them and their belongings as well as the physical plant itself.  We are working on the final numbers with our chosen supplier; it will be in the area of $5,000 plus on-going monitoring charges and will give us 24 hour protection and surveillance. This was not budgeted for so aside from more belt tightening, we will be asking for your help once we get the final numbers.  I think we’ve done a good job designing a system that will work for us considering our initial proposals were $12,000+.  I appreciate your patience and your prayers as we address this issue and close it out and ask for your continued prayers that we have made the right decisions…and also for those individuals that felt the need to break in and steal from St. Anastasia (from you!) instead of coming to us for help. I’d also like to let you know that the Troy Police and Community Safety have been nothing short of fantastic in helping us determine what makes sense and ensuring that we have a safe, secure, and usable facility. 

            I again want to appeal to all of you to consider the Automated Donation Program.  It’s a smart and convenient way to support St. Anastasia with your donations and also helps us reduce costs in the process.  We will not be mailing envelopes to those already enrolled in the program as well as any new enrollees as of November.  I can understand the psychological impact of putting an envelope in the basket as well as thinking that if people don’t see me put in an envelope they’ll think I’m not supporting St. Anastasia.  Bottom line folks…your support of St. Anastasia and it’s ministries is between you and God…no one else…it makes no difference what anyone else thinks and if they’re so intent on watching who is putting envelopes in the collection and who isn’t, well, perhaps they have too much time on their hands.

            We’ll be putting the bid package together for Snow Removal services in the next week or so.  Last year, the snow removal hurt us; not that we had a bad contract but we had so much doggone snow and ice.  The provider last year did nothing short of a fantastic job for us as we do require a lot of service.  Pray that this winter is a little gentler with less snow and ice…that would save us money and really for all of us, the frustration of driving in bad weather.

            The Archdiocese of Detroit ordained several men to the Diaconate last week at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral by his Eminence Archbishop Vigneron.  Please pray for these men and their families as they embark on service to the People of God.  And please pray for the Archbishop as he returns fiscal responsibility and accountability to the Archdiocese of Detroit…he has a big and difficult job ahead of him, but I am firmly convinced he is the right person for this formidable task.

God Bless, Franz