From The Office

Many of you generously donated to the Missionary appeal last week. We had indicated in previous issues of the bulletin that we were considering doing one collection for all Diocesan Special Collections instead of coming back to you every couple of weeks with those collections. We had asked for your feedback on that plan. Overwhelmingly, the feedback was negative, i.e. against doing that. The two biggest concerns were having all that cash on hand at one time and also not wanting to give to all the special collections but only selected ones. Based on the feedback, we will not put that plan into effect and will continue to put the envelopes out as the special collections become due. We do thank you for your honest and quick feedback.

I am happy to announce that we now have WiFi in the Davidson Center, the Church, and the Rectory.  This will aid in the DC and Church whenever we have guest speakers that need to access the web or if we’re doing presentations in-house for you. The Rectory has been wired for WiFi for some time now and comes in very handy whenever we have visiting priests or guests. We elected not to put WiFi in the Pastoral Center or Administrative Center as they are already completely wired for internet and it would not have made sense to do so. We’re still looking at the Social Hall and will reserve judgment on that for now. The cost per WiFi installation is right around $400.

The Archdiocese of Detroit has announced that the new standard for electronic Church Record Management will be software called “Parish Soft” and all parishes will be required to adopt this platform in the near future. Currently we use software called “CMS” or Church Management System and it has served us well. For our financials we use Quick Books. We have not yet been informed of what programs the Parish Soft will replace…whether it will be Church Record Management and/or Financials as well.  Several of us will be attending informational meetings in August and we’ll let you know more at that time.

Our conference room enlargement / modernization is coming along well. Sound system and the carpeting are scheduled for next week and that should pretty much finish it off. We also took the opportunity to arrange for new carpeting to be installed in the Church by the Baptismal Font. If you take a look at that area it shows a lot of wear and tear and it was just a matter of time until the carpet started to delaminate and disintegrate completely.

God bless, Franz