From The Office

We’ve been diligently working in next year’s budget as it is due at the Archdiocesan Offices by May 17th.  We will be about a week late as I will present the budget to the Stewardship Committee at the next meeting on May 20th.  Once Stewardship reviews the budget and Father JJ gives his stamp of approval, it then must be signed by him and the Chairperson of the Parrish Pastoral Council.

If we get it in by the end of the May we’ll be in good shape.  Once it is submitted, it is reviewed by the Finance Committee at the Archdiocesan Offices and returned to us with either an approval, approval with comment/questions, or a request for a complete budget revision.  We ask for your prayers as we look to next fiscal year.  While our weekly collections and donations have been running close to budget and financially we are in viable, the budget for this fiscal year (7/1/09 – 6/30/10) was very aggressive and has been difficult to manage.  The budget for next fiscal year (7/1/10 – 6/30/11) will be just as aggressive as we strive to manage our costs closely while still maintaining a high level of ministry and physical plant operations/maintenance…we are looking at a “flat” or “no growth budget”.  Some projects that we are looking at for that budget that may be a challenge are parking lot maintenance, limited building update/modernization, social hall video/audio update, and conference room enlargement with video and audio capability.

Our maintenance donations have done well this year as you have generously tithed $31,795.00 (not included in weekly offertory summary).  In addition, we have accumulated $58,906.28 balance in our restricted (can only be used for building maintenance/repair) maintenance account at the AOD Bank and we do earn 3% interest on that.  As we’ve told you previously these funds are earmarked for the eventual replacement of the HVAC system in the Church which is 33 years old and requires a lot of “tender loving care” by Bill Scally our Maintenance Supervisor to keep it running.  Our plan is to squeeze one more year out of it.  Replacement estimates for this 40 ton unit are at right around $100,000.

Those of you that purchased brick pavers in the Fall/Winter will be pleased to know that installation is imminent, probably in the next couple of weeks.  The forms for engraving have been submitted to the engraver as of April 12th.  We are pretty much tapped out as far as benches go but if the need arises…i.e.….if more of you request bench stones/pavers, we will look at adding more while still maintaining the overall beauty of the site plan.  If you do want to order a paver, the forms are available in the Narthex, parish office, or on the website.  It’s a nice way to commemorate a special event or as a memorial to a loved one.

God Bless, Franz