Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Religious Education Registration:

Q:        Will I be contacted after I register?

A:        Whether you register in July or on the deadline in September, your registration (with catechist name and classroom location) will be confirmed via email (the one you put on the registration form) on or before September 16th.  If you do not have email, you may call the office that week.

Q:        Will my child “get into” the class we register for – or is there a possibility I may have to make a second choice?

A:        For those who register before the deadline, we are almost always able to place the children in their desired day/time option. We would contact you if a second option were needed. The exception for this school year will be the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd classes which have a limited enrollment per session. Please consider volunteering as a Catechist or Catechist Assistant to make the most of our available options.

Q:        Do I need to turn in a copy of my child’s BAPTISM certificate to register?

A:        For those new to the parish:  Yes for all grades.

A:        For those registering for Preschool – 2nd grade:  Yes – even if your child was baptized here.

A:        For those registering for 3rd – 8th grade:  Yes – IF your child made his/her First Eucharist somewhere  other than St. Anastasia. If you know that you turned one in already, then you don’t have to turn one in. However, if we are unable to locate the hard copy that you turned in, you will receive an email requesting another copy.

A:        For those registering for 9th grade:  Yes – IF your 9th grader made his/her First Eucharist somewhere other than St. Anastasia.

A:        For a full explanation of why, see our website at

Q:        Are there prerequisites to the Sacrament Prep classes (Grades 2 & 9, Spanish Level 3 and Sacr Prep)?

A:        YES. It is expected and encouraged that children participate at all grade levels of Religious Education as there is much to be learned and experienced. Having said that:

*  Grade 2 (for Reconciliation & Eucharist) (and Spanish Level 3) prerequisite is Grade 1 (Spanish Level 1&2). If your child completed a 1st Grade program at another parish, please provide a verification letter from their Religious Education Office. If your child is going into 2nd grade this coming school year and has not completed a 1st Grade program, he/she should register for Grade 1 (as a 2nd Grader), Grade 2 (as a 3rd Grader) and then will be placed in the regular 4th Grade program in 4th Grade, having “caught up”. If your 3rd, 4th or 5th grader has not yet made his/her First Eucharist, he/she must complete one year of religious education (this year). Then – next year – would then complete the Sacrament Prep course which meets on Sundays to prepare for his/her sacraments.

*  Grade 9 (Confirmation) prerequisite is Grades 6, 7 & 8. If your child completed these grade levels at another parish, please provide a verification letter from their Religious Education office. If your 6th, 7th or 8th grader has not yet made his/her First Eucharist, please contact the Religious Education Office so that we can set up a plan for him/her to complete his/her sacraments.

*  As you see here, we do have options for those who do not meet the “normal” requirements. Please call the Religious Education Office at 248-689-8380, Ext. 111 and we will be happy to work out a plan to prepare your children to receive their Sacraments.

Q:        What if none of the class dates/times work for our family?

A:        We do offer a Home Study program for Grades 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 (not available for Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 2 or Grade 9, or Spanish classes).  Same cost as scheduled classes. Simply write in “Home Study” where it says “Request for this child” on the registration form. This option is not meant to be used every year. There is much to be gained and experienced by being present in class! However, we do understand that parents – as the primary educator of their children in faith issues – need another option at times.