Fr. J.J.’s Jottings

Last weekend was beautiful. Not only because the sun was shining, but because The Son was shining: through YOU.  I’m darn proud to be your pastor.

On Saturday evening I fulfilled my Christmas Ball auction item. It was to provide an Architectural Tour of Detroit and Dinner. We had a beautiful evening, but what truly made it special was Semseg, a company in downtown owned by one of our parishioners that rents out segways (those two wheeled riding machines). This parishioner let nine of us zoom around the city and have a lot of fun free of charge. The folks who went with me were surprised at how the city really shined and how many hundreds of people were walking,  riding bikes and enjoying the waterfront. It was a sight to see: nine of your fellow parishioners whooshing past at break neck speed, but one that built community and helped the homeless. I want to thank Semseg for the generous use of the nine segways. Interested in doing it yourself? Support your fellow parishioner and send an email to *protected email*.  

On Sunday we celebrated a thank you to all of you many volunteers who make our parish run so well. After a fun skit, your staff served free ice cream sundaes and ice cream bars (snickers, strawberry shortcake, lemon ice etc.). I have to point out another very gracious fellow parishioner who owns Miceli & Olefield (a food distribution company). They donated all of those scrumptious frozen treats at no cost to us so we could say thank you.

Another parishioner (who just became Catholic at Easter) organized a “Walk for God” and donated all the proceeds ($500 bucks) to the   parish. We had a young man, who is in our religious education program, collect hundreds and hundreds of beanie babies so another parishioner, who is a doctor and does missionary work in the Philippines, can bring them to needy kids.  Another parishioner is a specialist in horticulture and is sharing his unique talents. He is working to save an expensive dying tree in front of the rectory.

As I write this, six very dedicated people are tending to the gardens around the grounds. I say dedicated, since there used to be twenty  garden angels. They have not given up and are doing an amazing job of beautifying our plant (no pun intended). If you are interested in helping, please give the parish a call.

I started this article by saying that last weekend was beautiful because so many dedicated parishioners shared generously the gift of Christ. This weekend I believe will be even more beautiful, if we all shine the gift of Christ: the HOLY SPIRIT. I invite you to share your unique gifts in some way here in the parish. Not to get free ice cream, but because it is what drives you and ultimately will fulfill you.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.