Fr. J.J.’s Jottings

I just came in from lunch and walked past our amazing landscaping.   Man, oh man, is it beautiful.  I not only have never seen it look this good, but I do not think I have ever seen any parishes landscaping look so striking.  Thank you to our Garden Angels for your unbelievable dedication and effort- all four of you.  Yep, you read that right.  Only four folks have stepped up to volunteer to help maintain our grounds this year.  That means they do the watering, weeding, planting, pruning, etc. Sooooo, HELP!  This means you!  Can you assist us?  The more hands, the easier the task.  Do you have a few minutes to spare (really that’s all it would take) to help water.  Please, Please, Please, step forward.  I can’t imagine that we can maintain the beauty if we burn out the four dedicated Garden Angels!  So call the front office now and begin to share your gifts with the parish in this way.

A chill runs down my spine every time I hear a “back to school” commercial.  I hated it as a kid and I still do.  Summer is so exciting, fun, enjoyable.  I never want it to end.  One difference for me now is that when I was a kid, I took true advantage of all that summer offered.  Now I just seem to be busy, and getting even busier!  Remember when life was simple?  When your friends were the most important thing in the world?  When a sunny afternoon was a perfect excuse to have fun, not a block of time when you felt guilty about being unproductive?  When an ice cream cone could make your day, no matter what happened before?  Bad grade? Big deal–it’s Snow Cone time. Skinned knee–who cares, you have a orange pushup!

If only we could bottle that sense of freedom, fun and enthusiasm for the little things.  We could carry it in our responsible adult pocket and take a swig when we started taking everything too seriously.  Maybe we don’t need some major departure from business as usual to stop being stuffy and start being childlike (Like a certain individual named Jesus told us to do).

The following is a list of ideas to help you be childlike and enjoy the summer, today.  Throw your inhabitation to the wind and enjoy:    Read a book you loved as a kid;  Figure out how something works, even if it’s irrelevant to your life, just because it’s interesting;  Do something fun: Make a Lego village, pull out the coloring book, or jump rope;  Be vulnerable: Tell someone how you feel, or what you really want;  Explore: Walk around your block without any intention. Just see what’s going on;  Run or skip if you feel like it and flail your arms (sure you will look stupid but it’s fun); Ignore something someone says if it limits you, your potential or your possibilities: Remember God believes in you.  Be silly: Look for funny things in your day–they’re always there–and let yourself laugh about them;  Recall something awesome and call a friend to share it: “remember the time we . . .”;  Tell your mom and dad you love them: Call them right now and say it for no reason other than it being true;  Make a spontaneous play date: Invite people over right now, for no reason but to have fun;   Tell someone they’re your hero;  Eat lunch in a park with a friend: You don’t need a restaurant, channel the good old days when a little sand in your PB & J meant a lunchtime adventure;   Make a card by hand to give to someone you care about:  As Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”;  Relax and do nothing: Don’t try to fill that empty pocket of time. You’ve been productive enough. Kick back, cut loose, and let yourself waste a little time; Visualize a tomorrow with endless possibilities:  God has big things in store.

Happy Summer!

God bless,
Fr. J.J.