Fr. J.J.’s Jottings

WOW!–  Well you did it again.  “What did we do?”, you ask.  You made this illustrious parish shine.  You used your gifts to serve the Lord.  You made folks feel welcomed and loved as they visited us.  In other words, you made Art for God’s Sake 2013 a true success.  Along the way, the AFGS committee and I faced some glitches and challenges, but being the stand up and amazing team they are, it was given over to the Lord and it was handled. 

Several times throughout the weekend and many times since the event, I said to folks that I really think the Lord was glorified even more than the 2011 show.   No less than 20 times through the weekend artists approached me and expressed their gratitude for the chance to display their work in such a “classy” environment and for such a worthy purpose.  One of the Patrons (of the Vatican Museum) said that she was amazed at how welcoming you made her feel and how she felt so at home here.  The juror, from the Detroit Institute of Arts, feels that she has made some lifelong friends.  Our staff was great!!! God was with us at every step of the way in our “creating” this experience.  True community was experienced and built.  One of the artists, Alexander Zorin, who had created a beautiful icon of the Blessed Mother, asked if we would be willing to utilize it here at St. Anastasia.  He thought that the honor which should be given to Our Lady would be hindered if it sat in his studio.  It now rests in our Mary Shrine in the church, along with an image of her “annunciation” and the statue of her created by Fr. Davidson’s sister.

So if you played music, if you served food or drink, if you acted as a docent, cleaned up, carried art, planned, stuffed envelopes, attended, bought, prayed, or helped accomplish one or many of the 1001 tasks which help this year’s show: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

We have not yet decided if AFGS will happen again, so pray that we listen to the Holy Spirit and do what it is that the Lord wants.  If you have any suggestions or compliments, please email us at moc.l1513115003iamg@1513115003ekass1513115003dogro1513115003ftra1513115003

God Bless,
Fr. J.J.