Fr. J.J.’s Jottings

Imagine if you had the chance to play a fun game.  Imagine that it was played on a court with a low net (only 34 inches) and a wood paddle. Imagine that it is easy for beginners and can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game and can be played by anybody (even senior citizens).  Imagine that the ball goes only one third the speed of a tennis ball, and is played on a court one third the size of a tennis court so it’s safe for all.  Imagine making new friends and having a great time.  Well . . . you do not have to imagine it.  Come join us for Pickle Ball.  We are going to offer this awesome sport once a week during the day (either Tuesday or Thursday) in the gym.  All are welcome!  It will be great fun.  Please contact Kim Houseman at gro.a1513210959isats1513210959anats1513210959@name1513210959suohk1513210959 and let us know you are interested.

For the first time this year at St. Anastasia, we began the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) drive early.  Way back on the first weekend of Lent we asked for your help to cover our portion of the drive that helps support the ministries of the seminary and other work around the Archdiocese.  The Holy Spirit has empowered us all to carry Christ’s ministry to the world, particularly in this year of Faith, which has seen a historic papal transition that gives us a promise of renewed vitality to the Church.  If you are one of the very generous folks who has already given the $????? (Maryann please get updated amo,unt from Brian) I thank you.  Our target this year is $248,532.  Unfortunately, whether we raise the funds or not, we still have to pay the full amount.  That means the remaining $????  would have to come out of our operating budget.  I ask that one and all help.  If you did not fill out your pledge card, you can still do so.  If you misplaced it, please simply call Brian our business manager and he would be happy to help.  Thank you ahead of time.

Many people did not realize that there will not be a single piece of art that was submitted for the 2011 Art for God’s Sake Exhibit returning to this year’s show.  That means that all of the art that will be displayed at this year’s 2013 Art for God’s Sake Event is brand spanking new.  You have not seen it before and you will be blown away.  So mark your calendars.  It is only two weeks away: May3-5th.

Our goal in life and in the afterlife is to be one with God.  Right?  So many times we go searching for happiness where we are never going to find it.  We know the answer: Jesus, but to often we get caught up with our own “stuff”.  Do yourself a favor and join us in the Social Hall today, Sunday April 21st, at 4 o’clock to get some help on the journey.  Deacon Don Leach, from St. Aloysius/St. Patrick downtown, will join us for an hour presentation” “How to Reach the Kingdom of God”.

Mary’s Mantle (the home for pregnant homeless women) is holding the The Keepsakes of the Kingdom Gala 2013 on Saturday, October 26th of this year.  It will begin with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Byrnes, includes a strolling dinner, open bar, and silent auction.  Please save the date and check out

God bless,
Fr. J.J.