Jottings from Fr. J.J.

GOOD JOB EVERYBODY!! – I write this even before the 2009 St. Anastasia Christmas Ball takes place, but I feel a real need to point something out. As you may already know, all the proceeds raised will go straight down to St. Aloysius to fund the Canticle Café (which feeds and cares for the homeless). These are lean times, but already so many people have pitched in to make the Ball a success. As I write this, there are a buzz of volunteers moving donated auction items, the staff has truly stepped up to the plate to not only do their regular work, but pitch in to help make things happen, parishioners have stepped up to not only give cash, but purchase tickets even if they cannot attend the event, and many of you have spoken up asking, “What can I do to help?” I gotta tell you, I may not have any kids, but I think I know what a parent may feel like when their child does something which exceeds their expectations. St. A’s, you ought to be proud. No matter how much money is raised this weekend, you have allowed Christ’s light to shine in this Advent darkness. Thank you.

 ARE YOU REALLY READY FOR CHRISTMAS? – Make sure that you get everything cleaned for Christmas…including your soul.  We have two Vicariate Reconciliation Services before Christmas. The first is this Monday, December 14th here at St. Anastasia. The second is December 21st at St Regis. Both are at 7:00 p.m. and each will have a number of clergy to hear your confession. I know it’s not easy to do this, but believe me, you will be very happy you went. Your Christmas will be much more joyful.   

 SOUNDS OF CHRISTMAS – Not in the Spirit yet? I have a good way to nudge you along. This Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in the Church we will be lifting up praise to the Lord with songs and stories. It will be about an hour long service led by our Youth Band. Last years’ event was a real hit for those who attended. I invite you and your family to quit the shopping early and take this opportunity to focus on HIM. See you there.

NO TAXES!!! – Just a reminder that we have to send 6% of every collection down to the Archdiocese, except for Christmas. We get to keep all of the Christmas collection and fund our ministries. In other words, about $2000 of every weekend collection we send to the Archdiocese. That’s over $100,000. So, if you happen to have a few bucks that you were planning on donating to St. Anastasia, it would be real helpful to balance our budget at with the Christmas collection.

NO CRIB FOR HIS HEAD? – I have been blessed to be asked to serve on the board for something called “Mary’s Mantle.” This is a Catholic residential home for expectant mothers who are at least 18 years old who have no where to turn. We have the home, but we have quite a bit of funding to raise before it can be up and running. The youth of our parish already did a fall clean up, but you can help get this home ready as well. The group is asking for $1 to be sent in a Christmas card. This may seem like an insignificant sum, but it is something that even kids can participate in. If everyone that hears about this were to send a donation, all homeless expectant mothers who come to Mary’s Mantle can receive the help they need. If you are interested, send a card to Faith @ Work Catholic Bookstore, 1977 Wattles, Unit E, Troy, MI 48085. For further information, you can email your questions to *protected email*. 

God bless,
Fr. J.J.

P.S. Happy 39th birthday Fr. Mark!