Fancy the Waiters

Picture with me an evening at the most posh restaurant ever: the scents tantalize, the seating cossets, the food is abundant and delectable, the wine flows, and all the guests shimmer. The whole experience is perfect in ways beyond description, and what ties all this glory together is the tuxedo-clad waitstaff. They have their eyes and intentions firmly fixed on our every move, anticipating and responding to even our smallest needs. As they wait in stillness for any indication of their next task (whatever it may be!), they remain humble, kind, unobtrusive, and good-humored. It’s a thing of beauty.

We can learn much about Advent from such excellent waiters.

 A very holy friend of mine theorizes that Sts. Peter, James, and John were more beloved by Jesus – and thus more intensely with Him at some of the most important times of His life here – because that’s just the way friendships go in this world; some of our friends are our best friends. I respectfully argue with my friend that those men were with Jesus at His transfiguration and His agony in the garden not because He (who is Love) loved them more than the others, but because they loved Him more. They were more alert to His needs, moves, and smallest gestures. While everyone else was groggy with worldly cares, those three kept their eyes fixed on Him. They were patient, and fascinated, and vigilant. When Jesus tilted His head, they stirred. When He silently beckoned, they rushed to His side. Whenever His beautiful heart cried out to them, they heard it. I want to wait like that.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader